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October 17th Letters
On behalf of the Sierra City Improvement Group, Steve and I would like to once again thank all of the individuals and businesses that helped us raise $1620.00 for our Sierra City Fire Department and $1327.00 for Sierra Co. Search and Rescue during this year's Big City Rod Run. It is through the thoughtful donations of individuals and community businesses that we were able to make this happen.
Not only does it feel good to have short hair again, it also shows how we as a community can band together to effect change and raise money for our rescuers. Thank you again for your support and we will see you next year in September for the car show!
Jim Westfall
Steve Traverso

Sierra Booster,
I love the paper!
I was born on the Cavitt Ranch at Sattley in 1927. My

Dad was a cattle rancher - we spent every year from May to October at the ranch. Sierra Valley was home. We were in Loyalton last week. We come to the Valley every other week - still love it and call it home.
Your paper is great - just like your Dad and Mother wrote it.
Thank you,
Dorothee Cavitt Mull

Recently, Shasta County Supervisor Les Baugh splashed a bunch of photos of the Henderson Open Space on Facebook. They showed areas allegedly trashed by homeless living in this area. Shocking and disappointing. But, not surprising. . . not in the least.
The homeless problem here in Shasta County, with all its associated problems, has been around for many years. Areas trashed by the homeless are most everywhere you look. It's become a chronic problem, with ineffective official action being taken to stop it.
Countless solutions have been offered on how best to deal with the problem. I'm certain county supervisors have had their share of expert briefings on the subject, along with suggested solutions.
Following his Facebook posting, Supervisor Baugh invited folks for a guided tour of the Henderson Open Space. Several elected representatives were there, along with law enforcement and local media.
Frankly, though, it's not clear to me what was accomplished by this media event.
Let's not waste time telling us what we already know. Instead, time would be better spent reviewing all possible solutions and implementing a plan that effectively deals with the problem once and for all.
Dare I say, time for action, not tours.
Pete Stiglich

Hi Jan,
Ann Wynant and I have written a three part screenplay from a novel I've written, Road to Jericho. It could be produced as a Hollywood movie or a television series. Finding a Producer is more difficult then the writing of the screenplay. We are looking for a movie producer. If any of your readers can put us in touch with an interested movie Producer, please havehim/her contact Bud or Ann. E-mail jelylady@sccn.net or phone 530-832-4797.
Thank you,
Bud Buczkowske and Ann Wynant

OMG, Sierra County, a bastion of independence and self-reliance just got a huge dose of Socialism. And I am not talkin' about police 'n' fire, roads, schools, or public health. What can we do? Sierra Brooks and Sierraville had big improvements to their public water systems partially paid for by those wacky USDA Socialists in Washington. I have not heard outrage about loss of liberty, big government takeover, or the massive debt by any of the many conservatives Americans in either community. Why aren't they up in arms? I hope it's not too late for President Trump and the Republicans to put a stop to this public improvement nonsense.
Don McKechnie, Sierraville
Submitted: 10/22/19
Article By: Sierra Booster

Sierra County's Superior Court is very well-served by Judge Durant.

Submitted: 10/12/19
Article By: Sierra Booster