Letters to the Editor - Sierra Booster

Dear Editor;
In your paper recently, a letter ranted on about President Trump, with a silly 10 reason game. Wow, it seemed like all his nonsense was right out of the Democrat Socialist handbook. I have a President Trump sign up and am very proud of what he has done in spite of the Washington Swamp and the Trump haters. Your letter came from California, an excellent socialistic example of one-party Democrat rule. The state is burning with fires of record size, no answer or responsibility, just the lame duck excuse of Global Warming, it is just failed management. Now let's talk real things, not what might happen. To have signs up and be a Bidden supporter it shows you are for, what they are for. The Bidden ticket has a candidate with some kind of problem, he loses track of his thoughts, cannot remember his wife from his sister and the list goes on. His running mate has quite a history, I will not go in detail but I encourage all to research how she got her start with married Willie Brown. She supports the sending of money to bail out the rioters, who are nothing but arsonist, looters and property destroyers. This bunch openly say to defund the police and they strongly support abortion, the killing of babies, while saying black lives matter. President Trump wants American's to have jobs, not send our jobs to the communist Country of China, that by the way, spread the China flu to the world leaving a path of death. Oh, I might mention that good old Joe likes China, they made his son rich on behalf of good old Joe. America better quit playing games with the socialist plan or they might get more than they want.
Thomas Dotta
Rural Loyalton

Submitted: 09/25/20
Article By: Sierra Booster