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Dear Editor,
I am voting YES on the EMS Ballot Measures and let me tell you why.
Although we are a small county/community, we are a resilient population and deserve to have the best EMS services available. For an owner of a single family residence in Downieville, Measure G will add $60 to my annual tax bill. That's basically $5 per month. This provides peace of mind that if and when I need medical assistance, a highly trained responder who has the ability to administer advanced meds and pain management drugs if needed, will respond to my call.
Our full-time population is dwindling. That means our volunteer base is also declining. Training our volunteers is essential and we need assurance that consistent EMS funding will be available to provide appropriate training. Many times our visitors need emergency assistance, as well. Ballot Measures E, G & H will allow both property owners and visitors to share the financial responsibility of emergency services county-wide.
The EMS Measures will help subsidize medical emergency services for Downieville and Sierra City Fire Districts, as well as Sierra County Fire District #1 in the Sierra Valley. This includes funding for necessary medical equipment which cannot be not paid for with fire-related funds. If my emergency medical needs include some type of medical apparatus, I want to know that the medical equipment is not antiquated and has up to date technology.
And from my own personal experience, when my husband was rushed to the hospital by ambulance, 60 miles away, I was so grateful to have the experienced team of medical responders tending to him. It was a horrific time and I can't imagine how I would've been able to cope without their efficiency. I want that quality of emergency response to continue to be available for everyone.
There are other reasons why a YES vote is so important, but these are just a few of the reasons why I'm voting YES. I'm willing to spend $60 a year because it's a way to assist our local emergency services personnel to be able to provide the best advanced emergency care for our residents and visitors. I urge you to vote YES on the EMS Funding Measures E, G & H.
Cherry Simi
Downieville Resident

Submitted: 09/25/20
Article By: Sierra Booster