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Letters to the Editor

LETTERS 11/14/19

On Saturday November 2nd 2019, members of the East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce voted Ms. Barbara Hill as new President. Having served in this capacity for five years of which I thoroughly enjoyed and will miss, I thank Barb for stepping up to the plate from secretary. Bonnie Jessee will continue on as treasurer. In early 2019 I informed the chamber I would not seek a sixth term. I sincerely wish to thank all businesses and supporting members, without them there would be no chamber. I appreciated their loyalty, support and dedication to both chamber and myself. The chamber team overcame obstacles and achieved a great deal and will continue to do so sponsoring many successful events from Recycled Relics Car Show to the Country Market Bazaar Meet and Greets, ending each season in October with the Halloween Harvest Festival and Kids Pumpkin Carving Contest.
The chamber has come a long way since 2014 and I leave the chamber fiscally responsible and extremely solvent. We have supported and donated to many school projects, sports and local organizations and I trust they will continue to do so that are not funded by State or County funds as much as possible. The chamber has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars over the past five years to improve and meet our contractual agreement and goals with Sierra County, advocating tourism, creating a high profile for our businesses, bolstering a stronger business climate and economic engine and working with a few California Welcome Centers and other entities in support of Sierra Valley, Sierra County CA. We work with many chambers of commerce especially the Westside chamber under the leadership of Mary Ervin to improve all things Sierra County.
Thank you all for a great run and I know you all will continue to support the chamber and Barb as she takes the reins on January 1st, 2020.
Thank you, best regards,
Michael H. Welbourn

Absolutely pitiful, 42% voter turn out! Sierra County ought to be the poster child for the rest of the State as to why California is going down the toilet!
Derek T. Beverly

Out of over 2,000 registered voters - only 900 took the trouble to make "one mark" and send back their Postage Paid ballot! Less than 1/2 of Sierra County "voters" gave a s... about who governs them. It makes me sad... And only the people who voted, even cared who won.
Russell Rosewood

Dear Editor,
I wanted to comment on Elia Miles passing. I have known her since we moved back to Loyalton 57 years ago, first being included in her home at my friend Virginia's birthday party.
She was in Rotary with me and helped me along when I was president. She was a great Rotarian.
But mostly when we moved the museum to the old Loyalton School. She helped me identify many of the historic families and told me stories to bring the museum more to life, that says even in her 90's she was still volunteering and proving what a great citizen and good Christian she really was. I hope I can follow her example.
With Love and Affection,
Jackie Mitchell

Forest Update: Tahoe National Forest E-Bike Use - As the 2019 field season winds to a close, the Tahoe National Forest shares an update on class 1, pedal-assisted E-bike use on recommended routes and trails:
· No observed increase in trail degradation nor resource damage occurred as a result of class 1, pedal-assisted E-bike use on Tahoe National Forest routes or trails.
· No trail conflicts were reported or observed between class 1, pedal-assisted E-bike users and other recreationalists on Tahoe National Forest roads or trails.
· There were no reported accidents or injuries due to E-bike use of any class type on Tahoe National Forest routes or trails.
· Tahoe National Forest trail and recreation managers did observe an increase in the diversity of skill levels and age groups utilizing E-bikes to access Tahoe National Forest routes and trails. This included both class 1, pedal-assisted E-bike use, and other classes of E-bikes utilizing motorized routes.

The Tahoe National Forest offers a wide variety of E-bike riding opportunities. For a complete list of these opportunities, please visit: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/tahoe/home/?cid=fseprd641773&width=full
For more information, call or email Joe Flannery, Tahoe National Forest Public Affairs Officer, at (530) 478-6205 or joseph.flannery@usda.gov

Submitted: 11/18/19
Article By: Sierra Booster