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Letters to the Editor


Have you seen the new addition to Antelope Road? It is a large metal, very ornate and I'm certain expensive sign. The
Department of Fish and Wildlife welcome us to our land although they prohibit us to target shoot, camp, ohv and take our
dogs on a walk. Does this work for you? It certainly doesn't work for me.
Are not the government departments supposed to represent the people? When did these departments begin to take
ownership of the land instead of stewardship? If we do nothing we get what they give. If we are not proactive in a
feasable manner then we will continue to be locked out of the land that we are accustomed to enjoying. Please join me in
reaching out to the Department of Fish and Wildlife to protest this ridiculous new rule to Antelope Valley Road. Who
maintains this road? I am attempting to discover if Sierra County does the grading and maintaining or if the Department
who is "policing" it does. I suspect that it is Sierra County.
The project is North Central Region Antelope Valley and Smithneck Creek Land Management. The address is CA Dept of
Fish and Wildlife 1701 Nimbus Rd Rancho Cordova, CA 95672. You can email the director at the web site
www.wildlife.ca.gov/explore/director/email . His name is Charlton Bonham. Maybe reaching out to Sierra County would be
a good idea as well. Email for Tim Beals Road Department planning@sierracounty.ca.gov.
Thank you for participating!
Penny Gamble (Lic 0G22116)

Dear Editor
Just the other day I was verbally accosted by a “longer time local” (they were “forced” to move here as a child), regarding
my supposed statement that the people of Sierraville should be happy to live with/among the rich folks that will be
attending the “horrible” Sierra Hot Springs development. Perhaps they didn’t closely read my “Those People?”/NIMBY
letter in the January 24,1999 issue of the Mountain Messenger. In that letter I stated the project will bring jobs, and
money to our struggling local businesses. It would pave the road to Dearwater Field, and also add to the tax base of The
County. The closing lines may be the ones that confused them... “What possi-bly could be their actual reasons for talking
this boon down? The “kind” of people the Hot Springs appeals to?”
The “kickers” were telling me about the toothless scum who had a flat tire in their drive (supposedly heading for the Hot
Springs), and that I should move back to Truckee, if I liked all the rich crowds so much.
Guess I’ll stay, and wait for the rich crowds/scum.
Russell Rosewood

Dear Editor,
I am writing this to make all parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, etc. aware who have children in the California
school system. This is about Assembly Bill 329, passed in 2015, by our democratically controlled State Capital, called
"California Healthy Youth Act." Folks, you better read it, because it’s about to be taught, and it starts in Kindergarten and
goes through twelfth. It’s a 1,000 page document and was just approved by the Department of Education on May 9th,
2019. It has been the law, that sex education must be taught at least once in middle school and once in high school. This
bill, in my opinion goes way too far !!! Check it out: Assembly Bill 329, if you are happy with it, fine, if not, you better be
beating a path to your next school board meeting!
Thanks, Annie Fassbender,
a concerned great grandmother

Submitted: 08/23/19
Article By: Sierra Booster