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Letters to the Editor

June 27th Letters


No surprise's anywhere as read in the 2018/2019 Grand Jury Report with respect to the City of Loyalton. Local citizenry including myself have been writing of the Cities incompetence and corruption of City Council Members and City Employees for years, falling on deaf ears of the local citizenry as they are part of the problem as well, in NOT holding these employees and elected servants accountable for their actions. The grand jury is a judicial body within Sierra County, as to how many is based on county population. The GJ is impaneled by the state constitution and various laws to act as an "arm of the court," to be a voice of the people and conscience of the community. By law, a grand jury has three distinct functions, indictment, that is the act of bringing criminal charges against a person. Accusation is the act of bringing charges against an official of government or of a public agency, which may result in his or her removal from office and civil investigation and reporting. The primary duty of a grand jury is to investigate, within the county, the functions of city and county governments, tax supported agencies and districts, any agencies or districts created by State law. State law mandates certain functions of the grand jury. Regular grand juries may be tasked to investigate criminal matters and issue indictments when appropriate. While it is a part of the judicial system, a grand jury is an entirely independent body. Judges of the Superior Court, the district attorney, the county counsel, and the state attorney general may act as its advisers but cannot attend jury deliberations nor control the actions of the Grand Jury. Given what the GJ has determined and their recommendations, there is no trust in our City Council or employees. Trust takes years to build, but takes seconds to break and it definitely takes forever to repair and these people fail on all three accounts and continue to do so. It is time to remove those on the City Council who serve for their own personal gain or projects and we all know who that is and further remove those employees who are so incompetent in their positions as they are neither capable of serving the public or that of the city. Loyalton is a great place to live, we can do better, in the final analysis, it is time to dis-incorporate the City of Loyalton.

Michael H. Welbourn, Loyalton CA

Support NPV

NPV is the current movement to pass the National Popular vote so that everyone's vote counts. This movement is currently sweeping the U.S. There already 15 (DC, DE, HI, RI, VT, CO, CT, MD, MA, NM, WA, CA, IL, NJ, NY) who have passed it with an accumulation of 189 electoral votes out of the 270 electoral votes needed. All states have passed the NPV in one house or the other or in committee. Once the NPV reaches 270 electoral votes then the popular vote, in the next presidential election, will prevail over the electoral college.

Why did our government create the electoral college system of voting for president in the first place? It was started because of slavery. The north was more populous than the south (if you did not count the slaves). The south knew this would put them at a disadvantage which is why Thomas Jefferson, a big slave owner, proposed the electoral system. The electors would be based how many people lived in the state (whether they could vote or not did not matter). Jefferson wanted it to be more equitable so he proposed that the slaves be counted at 3/5th a person giving the south equal or more electors than the north. Virginia received 12 votes out of 91 (1/4 of the votes needed to be win the presidency). Pennsylvania had more qualified voters than Virginia but PA received 20% less electors. The electoral college was designed to keep white privileged slave owners in the white house for the 1st 32 years after it was created.

Help stop white supremist/Russian control of our elections and support NPV – National Popular Vote so that everyone's vote counts. Go to National Popular Vote on the Web, Facebook and Twitter to contact your representative and encourage them to support NPV.

Mona Uruburu

The East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank all the car clubs and vehicle enthusiast that honored us by coming to Sierra County and our community, without them there would be no show. These beautiful vehicles came from all over Northern Nevada, California and one from Texas. This year's show was over the top! The winners are: Best Classic Steve, Beechler Reno NV, Best Custom, Bud Clark, Cool CA, Best Sports Car, Dave Kelton, Reno NV, Best Hot Rod, Dave Bottemiller, Reno NV, Best Rat Rod, John Gould, Loyalton CA, Best Pickup, Richard Maneville, Incline Village NV, Best 4X4, Richard Mansville, Incline Village NV, Best Big Rig, Jim Dobbas, Sattley CA, Best Paint, Sib Fedore, Meridian CA, Ms. Lady Hot Rod, Ms. Juanita Klingersmith, Sparks NV, Furthest Traveled, Mike Sprock, Bellville TX and the vehicle who won Best Of Show: Milt & Nora Harris in their 1941 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet.
We would like to thank once again publically those businesses and individuals who help sponsor this years Recycled Relics Car Show, they are as follows: Leonards Market, A Bit of Beach, Ms. Karen Rickman, Ms. Bonnie Jessee Dickson Realty, Dickson Realty Portola, CNC Wood Carving, Bobby Wheeler, Gilded Drifter, Chelsea Johnson, Mountain Feather Massage, Lola Garza, HV Trailer Parts Mr. Alan Schumacher, Ms. Claire Schumacher Lama Products, Flash Lights and other assorted electrical products, Golden West, Roen Family, Red Moose, Sierra City, Sierra Valley Home Center, Ms. Kim Folchi, Wiley Automotive, Mr. Tom Wiley, Sierra City Store, Mr. Larry Breed, Whites Sierra Station, White Family, Sierra Valley Feed & Ranch Supply, Roen Family, Sierra Booster, Ms. Jan Buck, Hair Faire, Ms. Becky Hubbs, Sierra County Arts Council BJ & Team, Sierra Hot Springs, NACOB, TIP PRINTING & Graphics Mr. Joel Gressel, Larkspur Café Josh & Jill Macoutz, The Drifters Table John & Jean, Dryden Plumbing, Forest & Sharon Dryden, Rhonda's Lil Frosty Ms. Rhonda Siquedio, KT Hay & Cattle, Dennis Marsh Family, Mt. Messenger, Mr. Don Russell and Judge Yvette Durant.
Our final thank you goes and gratitude goes out to the crafters and vendors who came, we very much appreciated their participation and sincerely hope they will return next year.
Thank you one and all,
East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce/Recycled Relics Team

Dear Sierra Valley Community,
I would like to thank everyone for volunteering, your support and your cooperation for the last 11 years to help Sierraville Fire and Rescue make the Tour de Manure a great fun event! We have over 60 community volunteers helping to pull off the TdM each year in addition to the fire department volunteers. That's a heck of a lot of community support and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Don't want to miss anybody so I won't list names but we all know who you are and we appreciate you. I am grateful and honored to have you all give your time to support the TdM. Thank you!
I find it amazing that year after year when we contact people to help they say “what time do you want me there”? Volunteers clean on Friday and are back on Saturday at 6:00 am for the day! Thanks to all the cleaners, PR people, sign guys, weed wackers/mowers, parking crews, turn cowboys, rest stop groups, rest stop delivery guys, SAG wagons, registration hands, t-shirt buckaroos, cash box keepers and food servers. Thanks to the neighbors who allow us to park on their property, the businesses that donate whatever we ask for (cooler space, ice, chips & salsa, forklift use, loaner refrigerator delivery) Sierraville Recreation Association beer garden gang, and the team of Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 volunteers. Thanks to the BBQ crew and the band for another great post tour party. Thank you Beckwourth Fire and Loyalton Fire for standby mutual aid during the TdM and an EMT at the Loyalton rest stop. Thank you Shannon Tucker for the amazing job you do of sanitizing the fire station, shopping and providing us with great food, drink and smiles the entire day!
Again this year true to our name there was a cattle drive on the road. You gotta love it, you can't make this stuff up! Just one of the little things that makes our ride and day special. What a great community we live in!
Thank you all so much!
Tami McCollum Tour de Manure Wrangler

Submitted: 06/26/19
Article By: Sierra Booster