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Letters to the Editor

Trump Rally/Gathering

Hi, All
I am contacting you to invite you to join in a statewide effort to celebrate President Trump's announcement in his bid for a second term. This all takes place at noon on Tuesday, June 18 in every county across the state.

I have reached out in El Dorado County to all Republican groups & other conservatives, to line up along roadways, or busy intersections, flying Trump & American flags and/or carrying signs. I have an article in Saturday's Jefferson Messenger, talking about this, also noting that you should also fly Jefferson flags. Trump flags are available on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

President Trump will be making his announcement at a huge rally in Orlando, Florida, at 8 pm EST. Our earlier rally's/gatherings allow supporters to watch the Florida rally on June 18. Many will also be having Watch Party's that evening.

I hope you will participate and I think this is an opportunity for an early kick-off To Get Out The Vote for the 2020 March Primary. I know that we will not be able to give him the electoral votes, but we sure can up his popular vote numbers - to Keep America Great!

Please feel free to contact me, should you have any questions. I want to advise, that this is not a Republican Party event, it is coordinated through Make California Great Again, and also Steve Frank. This is about conservatives gathering together to elect our President another 4 years.

Thank you
Terry Gherardi

Submitted: 06/11/19
Article By: Sierra Booster