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Letters to the Editor


This poem was given Mazie Carnell by the late Lola McCaffrey and Mazie writes, “Sounds like Sierra Valley.” She adds, “I miss Sierraville, but doing well here.” She now resides in Reno.

Long moons before the bearded men trod down the waving grass
And long before the iron-bound wheels rolled through the mountain pass,
The moccasins of native feet stalked elusive deer
And came to seek their visions, their sacred springs were here.
And while they smoked the pipe of peace a hundred years or more,
Their visions never told them what the future held in store;
That men would kill the buffalo, take hides and leave the meat,
That men would fight and die for shiny pebbles none could eat,
Would wrap the land in metal bands and chop down all the trees
And all across the valley build their log tee-pees.
Now no one seeks a vision where the sacred spring still rise
And no one knows that spirits weep and no one hears their cries.
- By Lola McCaffrey, Sierra Valley 1984


Your paper is the only one I read -
Judith, Sattley

Re: Abortion
The Right feels now is the time to take away a woman's RIGHT to choose. People forget that it takes two people to make a child (a man and a woman). I propose a law that if a man gets a woman pregnant (always in the case of rape or incest), he must financially support that child for the rest of its life. If he and the woman choose not to marry and the woman is not given an abortion, if she wants one, and he is unwilling to provide a stable home for the child then the man must be castrated so he cannot produce more unwanted children.
Men must begin to take EQUAL responsibility for all the unwanted children being born today. If a woman cannot choose abortion then a man must not be allowed to have a choice in his sterilization. If men cannot control themselves, why must the burden of raising a child be solely on the woman. Sterilization
of men will stop a lot of the unwanted pregnancies in the world and stop the need for so many abortions. If they want children later in life, they need to learn self-control or face the consequences. EQUAL responsibility, EQUAL consequences.
I do feel, though, that medical workers who do not want to participate in abortions should be allowed to opt out.
Mona Uruburu
Janesville, CA 96114

Mom and I visited the family plot at the cemetery over last weekend to do our annual cleanup of pine needles, etc.
I was much disturbed to find not one, but two, piles of dog feces on the site, one on a relative's memorial marker. I appreciate that people need to walk their dogs. That folks would take their dog to the cemetery for a morning walk shocks me.
Name withheld by request.

Earth Day! In the good old United States of America is just another day in paradise! So folks seem to think that our country can take care of all the aches and pains in the other countries. Our population is but a drop in the bucket.
Reading the tirade of Mister McKechnie makes me think about getting a computer. No, not going to happen because I read about both sides; not the puffed up tales from the shrill of Media Matters.
Then you state that Gerald Ford was an accident. Is that what his parents told you? I think Gerald Ford was the first to use the phrase, “We are beyond that now.” My recall tells me that excuse has been used by all the presidents since then. Which has told me that the “powers that be,” are not going to air the “dirty laundry” of any of our elected except when someone needs to put the spotlight on someone to deflect it from a favored person. Do you recall what the then-in-power Democrats did to Senator Joe McCarthy? I do. Just because he had the wherewithal to publicize the card carrying communist in our government. The highest ranking ones were appointed by F.D.R.! Then there was the Hollywood list which the majority were also Democrats. They say that “Joe's” expose ruined many a career. Only in Hollywood they say because the elected would get their pension. Speaking of pensions, serve one term and you get the whole amount. Not like getting our Social Security.
All of those wars. Don, you didn't go back far enough. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. I don't have a computer so I can't ask Fact Check what the tally is. Who did the most to get us involved. Pretty even I'll bet. Besides the “House” had to approve of all those wars. Korea was an exception. I and 1-1/2 million others of us were “cops” cuz “Harry” said it was a “Police Action.”
And you give Clinton a pass! I moaned and groaned when he was re-elected. Little did I realize the worst was yet to come. Both parties have not only given the Clintons a pass but all presidents since Harry Truman.
Then, in spite of all odds, we have finally elected a non-politician for president! Yes. He is rude, crude and stumbling around. But our overall economy has never been better. I do have a couple of disappointments; too many in the swamp are not in jail. Too many have quietly taken a pension and gone home. And the national debt continues to climb. So come on President D.J. Trump, get a handle on it!
And you are right. No bullet trains. So where is the
need? Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Wouldn't pay according to Harry Reid and the space shuttle being done by the Russians because they do it cheaper. Maybe we should ask the Russians to take over Amtrak.
The attitude at the Reno VA Hospital has improved. I was told some of the “politics” have gone away. Socialized medicine at its worse, then at its best. Our president has taken a personal interest in the VA and getting it squared away. Thank you “D.J.”
Mona telling us about abortion not a pleasant subject. Where have you gotten your misinformation? Sure seems exaggerated. You bash President Trump and I will pat him on the back! You didn't take umbrage at the Democrat-controlled State of New York and their allowing killing of babies at time of birth. Despicable Act. Cruel! Beyond words.
Best wishes to all,
Marvin Reed, Reno, NV

According to the experts, the chances of a deadly wildfire in California this year are 99.99%. Let's just call it 100%. I have not heard and I am not equipped to calculate the probability for Nevada County. But the nation and the world know that we are at ground zero. So where is the plan to mitigate loss of life? Where is the think tank, work group, task force …. something dedicated to working on this impending crisis? Government's primary role is to protect the lives of its citizens. To do nothing is irresponsible, at the least. In my opinion, we need a Wildfire Mitigation Officer, with one administrative assistant, who reports directly to the City Mangers and County Executive Officer. He/she can then form his task force from existing department's and be given priority and resources to accomplish something.
Folks, at this point, I have given up worrying about our homes that we will lose. I have accepted that reality. But I don't want to be the next national news story about dozens of human fatalities from a California wildfire. That is exactly where we are headed if we don't tackle early notification and organized evacuations. As residents and elected officials, our communities are facing an overwhelming impending crisis. We cannot allow ourselves to give in or succumb to cognitive dissonance. Now more than ever, we need leaders of foresight and action. I believe we have bright people. For the life of me, I do not understand why we do not see more proactive measures.
David Kapler
Retired Fire Chief/Emergency manager

From: Merrill Grant
Subject: Superintendent Transition

Dear Sierra-Plumas Joint Unified Staff Member:

It is with bittersweet emotion that I announce to you that I am the finalist for the position of superintendent in the Fall River Joint Unified School District. The Board in Fall River will hopefully take action on our negotiated contract at their June board meeting; until then, this appointment is unofficial.

In all sincerity the past six years have been the most rewarding in my 30 year career in education. I feel that I have made many enduring friendships and have left a positive impact on a District with great employees that make a difference for children. You are all doing great work and that will continue.

This is as much a personal shift for me and my wife Katie as a professional opportunity. My family has owned a cattle ranch in the Intermountain Area for six generations and in a way my roots are in eastern Shasta County.

The Board here in SPJUSD is already conversing about how to proceed in the interim period from my departure on June 30 to when a full-scale search is conducted for your next County and District superintendent. There is no reason a permanent superintendent cannot be seated by the start of school in late August, if not before.

My memories both personally and professionally of Sierra County will always be with me. Thank you!

Yours in education,


Submitted: 05/31/19
Article By: Sierra Booster