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Dare I Say
Another Reason to Leave California
Boy, was I in for a shock when I went to the Shasta County Recorder's Office and was charged $95 to file a lien on a neighboring property as a result of a recent favorable small claims court ruling!
The recording fee was only $17. Then, there was an optional $3 fee to notify the affected party. But, the real kicker was the whopping $75 Affordable Housing and Jobs Act fee.
Apparently, our elected geniuses in the California legislature figured adding this fee would be an easy, albeit sneaky, way to fund its Homes and Jobs program. Implemented in January 2018 as a result of passage of Senate Bill 2, the fee is collected by county recorder offices on behalf of the state.
My purpose is not to argue the merits of such programs as those promoted by SB2.
It is, however, my greatest concern the program is subsidized by a small segment of the population, specifically those exercising their legal rights at the Recorder's Office.
Assuming the goal of SB2 is a worthy one, it should be subsidized by all citizens of the state and not just a select few.
Dare I Say, just another reason to leave California.
Pete Stiglich

EARTH DAY is the day when the chickens dance and sing, proclaiming the beauties of nature, and the day the foxes that guard the chickens dance and sing, celebrating the blind gullibility and stupidity of the chickens.
Like ARBOR DAY, EARTH DAY has become a day of pretending that "all is good on Planet Eden." On Arbor Day, the foxes line up before the cameras of the media, sprig and shovel in hand, pretending that the sprig will make up for the thousands of beautiful ancient trees that will be destroyed that very day.
EARTH DAY has become an even greater event that deceives the public into believing that corporate
America has changed colors from brown to green. Why else would EARTH DAY events be sponsored by big oil, big military/industrial, big power, big chemical, and big automotive?
In actual fact these corporate chameleons paint their faces green, and paste on their toothy plastic smiles for the media and the gullible public, while their millions of corporate slaves go glibly about their jobs of destroying our air, our water, our forests, our soil, and ultimately our future.
It is their day now and thus the name should be changed to EARTH KILLERS' DAY in order to expose the almost total emasculation of the environmental movement. The EPA has been sold to polluters by the POLITICAL WHORES that now seem to control America. Even the greatest destroyer of America the Beautiful? in history, the Army Corps of Engineers, has joined as sponsors of the EARTH DAY folly.
America has never been in graver danger. We have allowed dirty corporate money to purchase the loyalty and allegiance of those whom the people have elected to protect us, our children, and future generations from harm.
We are constantly bombarded with fear-mongering politicians, into focusing on terrorists living in caves on the other side of the world, while the most dangerous terrorists are our own eco-terrorists, the immoral mega-corporations and their political hacks that are hell bent on destroying our forests, our streams, our wetlands, our health, and our future as a viable nation.
George H. Russell
American Patriot

Hello everyone,

First, I wish to thank all the Sierra Valley folks and chamber members for their participation in tonight event in welcoming the new CEO of the Eastern Plumas County Health Care System. The turnout was overwhelming and from all over the valley and Portola. Secondly I wish to thank the Board of Directors of the ESVCC for their unwavering service to all those in attendance, WELL DONE!

Michael H. Welbourn
President/Board Director ESVCC

Dear Editor,
The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Downieville April 5-7 once again was a resounding success thanks to our excellent volunteers; loyal and very patient audience; and Banff. The Sierra County Arts Council Board of Directors and Executive Director thank all who attended and made the festival fun despite technical difficulties with the Banff projector that delayed the start of Saturday night's show.
We give a special thank you to the Banff Centre for arranging for a rental projector to be delivered from Sacramento to the Yuba Theatre on Sunday morning in time for Sunday's show and, also, for reducing the license fee for Saturday's show. This “saved” money will go into the Arts Council's fund for upgrading and maintaining the Yuba Theatre.
Once again, thank you everyone! We look forward to seeing you next year at Banff in Downieville.
Most sincerely,
The Sierra County Arts Council

Submitted: 05/04/19
Article By: Sierra Booster