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Letters to the Editor

December 27, 2018

Imagine yourself in Paradise California stuck in traffic, surrounded by flames, and your gas tank ruptures. You hear a whoosh and feel the intense heat and realize you will suffer an agonizing end. It happened. That is the result of an extremely dry autumn and climate change. Every year is warmer, every fire is larger, the east coast and Texas now have superstorms.
If you live in any forested community you better be scared. We put 100 million tons of CO2 into a paper thin atmosphere every day. That effects our air and
oceans and it's bad. The entire Republican party thinks it is a hoax. It's not. The scientists are starting to panic and even the corporate media is beginning to mention it. The Pentagon and insurance companies have been alarmed for years. We need to tax the crap (I'm being nice) out of fossil fuels and begin a transition to sustainable living. We can do it…
Don McKechnie
Sierraville, CA

Dear Mr. Pangman, Supervisors and Planning Commissioners,
I am writing in support of Kim McKinney's letter to you printed in the Sierra Booster 12/13/18, regarding the Masterplan for Sierra Hot Springs. This is a huge development for our small county. Certainly we can and should take several more months to review the Masterplan, consider its implications to our quality of life and provide public input to our elected officials and various county departments. Also, as Kim proposed, all meetings concerning this Masterplan should be conducted in Eastern Sierra County, preferably in Sierraville. Sierraville residents will be most impacted by Sierra Hot Springs plans to build a community next door that is almost twice the size of Sierraville. If this development was being proposed next to you, would you be willing to take more time to review and discuss it? Please give us that opportunity.
LaDonna Martinetti

Trump fears Caravan

The last caravan that came up from South America had as many people in it as this current one coming. What Trump failed to tell all his 35% loyal supporters is that only 16 people made it to the border and only 2 received asylum. Trump's manic insane attempt to continue to build fear in his supporters has caused him to send 5000 troops to the border and to demand a wall to protect Americans from the hoards who are coming to “pillage and rape.” We are going to look mighty stupid when those 16 asylum seekers get here and they are facing 5000 troops pointing automatic weapons at them. Most of this caravan of people are peeling off into Mexico just like the last one did. Such a waste of man power and money just to hype a non-existent problem. Just like the millions he wanted to spend on a stupid military parade.

What really started my letter was right-wing conspirator Pease talks about who is really a U.S. Citizen according to the14th amendment to the Constitution. Just how far back does he want to go to determine this claim to citizenship; to his parents; his grandparents; his great grandparents. I can go back to the first colony but that does not make me a U.S. Citizen because the only real U.S. Citizens are the Native Americans. Do you have a piece of paper from the tribe in your area saying you can be a citizen of their land? I'll bet not. I don't so I am not a legal citizen of this country. I think we should all be sent back and wait until the Native Americans let us in a little at a time like we do to the Native Americans coming from South American who have more right to be here than we do. We murdered and cheated the Native Americans out of this land. They are the legal owners. We all need to leave and go back to our country of origin and come in legally like we make then do. How would you determine legal U.S. Citizenship? Currently, I believe the best way is if you are born here regardless of whether your parents are legal or not. Just like it has always been since our countries inception.

Mona Uruburu

Submitted: 12/30/18
Article By: Sierra Booster