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Dear Jan,
Crisis in the sheep pens at Loyalton stresses the predator issue far better than any lecture. It's the “real world” not Disneyfantasy!
Keep up the good work.
Louise Ahart

“It's Everywhere” as titled in the last Sierra Booster dated Nov 15 2018 and I seriously disagree of his interpretation of America as explained in his article. The Bureau of Labor Statistic states the average worker has held ten different jobs before the age of forty. I doubt any high school or college graduate entering the workforce hopes they find a minimum wage job for their entire life, wanting to fail, individual choice is why we have fireman, police, military putting themselves in harm's way, CHOICE! Rational people seek and prepare themselves for retirement through high wages, capital investment, 401K's that they and most employers pays into. Under the last administration more people failed economically jumping onto social programs that were readily made available to those not willing to seek employment. Capitalism, not Socialism made this nation. Definition of Socialism: The political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution of wealth, i.e. you're money, should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Simply, it is leftism, welfarism, radicalism, progressivism a Marxist theory of a transitional social state that seeks to overthrow capitalism which is the realization of communism, obviously the philosophy of the man from Sierraville who believes we are a socialist society. Freedom of choice in America to do what you want, when you want, earning and improving yourself as much as you want without fear, this is freedom and it is your choice, those who put themselves in harm's way is by CHOICE, giving of their skills when needed within their community and not a product of social engineering as we are not over shadowed by a red star, hammer and sickle of a socialist society that choses to indoctrinate the workers and peasants and in the way of socialism/communism. Socialism will always be, “The Philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.”
Michael H. Welbourn, Loyalton, CA

THANK YOU TO BILL COPREN for the defensible space created in back of Calpine!
Nancy Reynolds

All Hands on Deck! City Council Deciders!
An Idea for Consideration!
From Bill and Jackie Mertton, advisory constituents!
We want to thank the current city council members for staying the course under difficult circumstances. Many of the difficulties Loyalton is going through financially, in personnel management and in services for the citizens are inherited by this council. Weaker members would quit but Mark Marin, Nancy Rogers, and Joy Markum persevered. Accomplishments:
* The radar digital speed limit signs are slowing traffic !
*The progress on the Water/Wastewater financial and management internal controls is moving along. When the new council begins their due diligence, the city water services will eventually become a fully funded service provider with well maintained equipment and highly qualified staff.
* The Council's diligent attention to book keeping practices including a Computer program update will help the council better monitor money in and out and, encourage all future councils to develop a better understanding of General Accounting practices when supervising and hiring insured and bonded paid staff for such tasks involved with the city's money.
There is so much more we could list but for now…
We thank you all for the hard work you have given to Loyalton. We very much appreciate how difficult it was at times and are grateful to you all.

Welcome New City Council of Loyalton:
*If the New City Council Members read the letters to the Sierra Booster Editor by Mr. Welbourne (9/6/18 and 10/18/18) do not be concerned, ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES instead.
* If you have read this number under the 9/20/18 Sierra Booster” The Wright Pitch Byline”: $348,828.25 unpaid money to city water services, of which one citizen owes $9000.00? Do not be disheartened. Learn all the entire money in and out details of the city and all of the financial procedures personally. Scrutinize every decision, lend a hand, work together with each other and a citizen advisory Financial Committee to explain to all citizens exactly what happened and, make necessary changes to prevent a repeat. We will volunteer to help you sort it out. Honesty is the best policy.*
Finally If you have read about the Calpers 1.6 million dollar (plus penalties and fines) bill that may be levied on the citizens of Loyalton through potential court action, this will indeed require your best thinking and cooperating as a unified council! You have been blessed with a member amongst you who has experience in negotiations with Judges during criminal justice matters. Be kind and empathetic to the retirees who have suffered. Be honest and brave in advocating a fair solution and settlement. Keep your citizens informed every step of the way. Help Loyalton reclaim its good name and credit rating for the future. REMEMBER, IT IS NOT THE MISTAKES YOU MAKE THAT MATTER, IT IS THE HONOR IN HOW YOU FIX THEM.
Closing Remark: The errors that led up to the Pearl Harbor attack were painful to face and the 5 year war effort that followed was a difficult nationwide effort to overcome. You are an elected official whose task is to save a Historic California City from Disincorporation. WORK TOGETHER AS A UNIFIED COUNCIL, take the closed sessions you need to bond now so you are strong for your citizens' best interests.
You can lead Loyalton, with citizen volunteers, into a better future as an Incorporated City.
Roll up your sleeves!
Our best hopes for your success go with you.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dear Friend of Loyalton Sports:
I am writing you for a sponsorship opportunity for the 2018-2019 basketball season. The Loyalton Grizzlies Basketball season is in full swing as practices have begun and games are right around the corner. The teams, coaches, parents and fans are all looking forward to another exciting year of competitive basketball.
The Loyalton Sports Club provides our teams with equipment, uniforms and supplies that the school budget does not cover. School district budget constraints are very tight so the financial support from the Loyalton Sports Club is crucial to the teams success.
The Loyalton Sports Club will once again be holding its 33rd Annual Sierra Valley Invitational Basketball Tournament on January 17th-20th, 2019. The money raised from the tournament will help us to continue to provide all the necessary essentials for our teams every year so that we can continue to improve our sports program to the fullest extent.
We rely on the support of individuals and local area
businesses to help provide these services to the youths in our community. By helping us you can help yourself. As a sponsor, your name and/or organization will be displayed on a banner in the gym throughout the season as well as mentioned in the local papers.
Please consider sharing in our success by being a sponsor for the Sierra Valley Invitational Tournament. Attached is a sponsorship form with various levels of support. Thank You,Sheri Roen, President; Stephanie Shelby: Vice President; Hayley Evans: Secretary Nichole Johnson:Treasurer

13 Ca counties can't send emergency warnings to cellphones
It's not a matter of “if”, but “when” Sierra County will be joining the Lake, Camp, Yosemite, Mendocino, and Malibu fire victims if our reverse 9-1-1 system, internet and/cellular systems aren't either serviced or installed. Not to mention publicized evacuation routes and instructions to residents placed into policy and established!


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Derek Beverly
Sierra City

Time for a rant:

The Liberals are crying for relief for the ILLEGALS at the Southern Border claiming a Humanitarian Crisis.
Where are the Cries for Humanitarian Crisis Relief for the Camp Fire VICTIMS in Northern California.
We need to force our elected officials to turn their concerns to the American Citizens who are suffering from the the loss of their homes, Family members, friends, and Memories!
It is either time to take California back or Separate ourselves from the State and put Americans First.
Additionally, We have Homeless Veterans who have needs that must be addressed above the demands of Illegal Intruders who feel that they should be admitted simply because they want asylum in the U.S.
(Remember Ellis Island)
I have a son who is currently serving our Country. I also served along with a long list of Family Members, some of who paid the Ultimate Price to preserve, support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, “Foreign & Domestic”...
I can be reached by Facebook Messenger
or by email at jim96118@gmail.com.
Jim Beard
Supervisor, District 4
Sierra County, California

Submitted: 11/29/18
Article By: Sierra Booster