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Letters to the Editor


How does it all affect me?

The election is over (at least here in California) and the people have spoken. How articulately is up for debate but it is clear from the results that for those who believe Californians' taxes aren't high enough, while already among the nation's highest, they should still be able to tax even more!

Not just with the cities, counties and school districts, but the voters elected Gavin Newsom! He has an expansive and expensive agenda, as governor, and has also solidified Democrats' supermajorities in the Legislature, giving them, at least on paper, unfettered power to raise taxes for his agenda.

Remember when San Francisco used to be the gem of the once-Golden State? Today you walk down the streets to see and smell squalor, trash, human poop and urine, used heroin needles, rats, and homeless people. The city is even experiencing Hepatitis outbreaks. Newsom was the “Ruler Elite” of that once great city. Now he is the ruler of California
Voters' told the story clearly on the local level, that they don't mind high taxes going even higher. The vast majority of nearly 400 city, county and school district tax measures (including bonds that require new property taxes to repay) were endorsed by voters across the board.

About three-quarters of those tax increases were approved, including 90 percent of the 168 placed on the ballot in California cities. They are facing sharp increases in mandatory payments for city employee pensions that we already are over-burdened with to face this crisis of unfunded liabilities.

When will this insanity end? Not anytime soon with Newsom and all those other high tax, high spend, highly regulate progressives in Sacramento. What CAN WE do?

I hear many use the most beloved words of our Constitution, “We the People”. What does that mean? To some it means that “we” includes “me” so it is ME who must stand up for liberty and actually take part through giving of my time, talent, treasure and sacred honor to see to it that “We the People” are still free. For others it means “YOU”, You the People, because I don't have time. I don't know how. I don't want people mad at me. I can't afford, I…

No one can sit back any longer and watch our Constitutional rights stripped from us by our own state. It isn't up to “you all”. It's up to ME to stand in the gap and be counted to defend and fight for liberty and freedom. That includes YOU. It's YOU and it's ME. Together we can win our freedom from the hands of tyranny.

Now! The time had come for 51. What can you do to bring this insanity to a halt? Joins us on behalf of liberty and freedom and the right to be self-governing citizens of a state that honors our constitution.

Learn about how we are going to separate from California and form the 51st state. Then pass that information on to others.

Support our efforts through generous giving. Nothing that is done is done without the sacrifice of many to make it happen.

We can, and we will, separate and form a new state. Stand with us. Join us as we move forward, step by step to freedom once again, to what our founders intended and what we need to hand off to our posterity.

YOU can become part of "WE the People".

You have the chance to make a difference. Will you be the difference? Will you be the one who will put us over the finish line? Make it happen!

Donate today on behalf of freedom and liberty.

Send your donations to: STATE OF JEFFERSON 51 Formation

PO Box 751
Palo Cedro, CA 96073

____51 ____510 ____5100 ____Other

We thank you for your donation on behalf of liberty!

Ginny Rapini
SOJ Citizen Volunteer

Submitted: 11/17/18
Article By: Sierra Booster