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Yes On 6, Means No Gas Tax or Car Tax

Yes On 6, Means No Gas Tax or Car Tax

Getting out the vote for Yes on 6, Repeal the Gas Tax, will represent all we strive for in our battle for Jefferson and equal/fair representation. The fight to repeal the gas tax clearly illustrates the deceit and power that is the far left in the State Legislature, Governor Brown and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, also candidate for Governor.

Once again California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has misled voters with his writing of the language on Proposition 6. Some voters think that if they vote Yes on 6, it means they are voting for the gas tax. First of all, the gas tax and increase of vehicle registration fees were approved by the Progressives in the State Legislature and signed by Governor Brown last year. You never had an opportunity to vote on this.

A Yes on 6, authored by Jon Coupal, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and John Cox, candidate for Governor, actually repeals the gas tax and vehicle registration fee increase. A Yes on 6, would also require voter approval for fuel and vehicle fee increases in the future and “defang” the state legislature to some extent.

The transportation in the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 was NOT in fact designated for road repair, but included movement-related expenditures such as studying transportation and promoting high speed-rail (Brown's $100 billion train), now estimated to cost each taxpayer $8,000. Add another almost $800 your family pays per year for increased gas taxes that could go for your family's Christmas.

In the recent June 2018 Primary, Prop 69 was passed by the voters and was another incident of a falsely labeled voter measure by the Legislature Analysis Office. The true intent of the measure – to allow the Legislature to use the gasoline taxes for any purpose. A Yes on 6 will also cancel out Prop 69.

Why are Brown's friends spending millions of dollars ($28 million) to defeat Yes on 6, because they are counting on voters (you) to be complacent or too dumb to really understand how you have been misled. And, if they are successful in the defeat of Yes on 6, they feel it will open the door to reintroduce bills for a cell phone tax, water tax and down the road, Proposition 13.

If you are a Jeffersonian, you are smart enough to know that this is not the first time that those in power in Sacramento have had their way with you. But I have to ask, is the threat of the failure of Proposition 6, and election of Gavin Newsom, Xavier Becerra, Alex Padilla enough to put a fire in your belly, to motivate you to actively join in the battle to take back California and most important, fight for the formation of the State of Jefferson? This effort is one in the same.

Terry Gherardi

Submitted: 10/14/18
Article By: Sierra Booster