Letters to the Editor - Sierra Booster
Letters to the Editor


I am proud of women finally standing up and telling their horror stories of sexual assault and rape. Men have sexually assaulting women for thousands of years with little or no repercussions or remorse. Mr. Kavanaugh assaulted Mrs. Ford and showed not the least bit of remorse, instead he played the role of the victim. He was also accused by fellow class mates of setting up parties and getting girls high or drunk and gang raping them.

Most of the women I know, myself included, have stories of sexual assault or rape mostly when we were teenagers. Most of us were told the same thing that Mrs. Ford's family told her, keep quiet about it, or you will get a bad reputation. Why does the person assaulted get the bad reputation i.e. Ford, instead of the man who did the assaulting, i.e. Brett Kavanaugh?

This is the same mentality of the men in the Middle East. Women wear burkas to protect themselves. If a woman is assaulted in the Middle East she is blamed and can be killed. The man gets off free. Their attitude is that men cannot control themselves so the woman is not to put herself in a position where a man can assault her. I am getting the feeling that men in this country have the same attitude because of how upset they are by women coming forward to report their assaults.

Finally, the #me-too movement has begun the avalanche of women coming forward with their stories of assault. There have been times when women have accused men unfairly of sexual assault but 98% of the time these women were assaulted. It is a fact that only about 2% of false accusations of sexual assault actually occur.

I don't believe the women of this country should have to wear burkas because men can't control themselves. We need to teach the boys and future men of this country that when a woman says no the answer is no and they need to stop and respect her wishes. We the women of this country have equal rights and that means we have the right to say NO and not be sexually assaulted. I feel very badly for Mrs. Ford and how she has been treated. This is the primary reason women do not report assault because they are treated like how Mrs. Ford has been treated by the Republicans and Trump, and the accuser is felt sorry for. Boys needs to be taught to respect women and that they will be prosecuted if they sexually assault. It is a man's responsibility to not put himself in a position in which he can be accused of sexual assault. Men need to make sure they know how a woman feels before they get worked up and make a move on her and if she changes her mind then they need to develop the self-control to stop. If they can't, then I agree they should not date.

Mona Uruburu

Submitted: 10/12/18
Article By: Sierra Booster