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Letters to the Editor


Socrates said: “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers” such is the case with all the lies, unproved accusations, innuendo's, presumption of guilt over innocence by muck racking sensationalist Democratic Senators and their accomplices in the main stream media causing serious, deplorable, deleterious actions upon not only on a single individual, his family, but that of our nation and justice system. For fourteen weeks since Justice kavanaughs nomination in July 2018 have we ever witnessed such behavior by the liberal, socialist Democrats. If ever in your life, something didn't open your eyes to the corrupt attitudes of the Democrats this should have as it shows what they stand for in their attempts to circumvent an individual's rights, the rule of law, Constitution and the Bill of Rights, if you agreed with their actions, then you are part of the problem and certainly not the answer to this Nations future which leads us to the midterm elections of not only Congress, state elections but that of Loyalton City Council. I trust you will vote to continue the success of this Nation's recovering economy over reckless attitudes of Democrats and that of the previous eight years.

Ballots are out, election is upon us, given the history of Loyalton government, what direction will it go now. Loyalton has a revolving history of problems provided by previous leadership as we witnessed corruption and self-serving agendas in a failed water coup, questionable funding of rocks, $10K each, bad choice in relocation of city hall and museum to a building that is costly to operate, maintain, heat or cool and according to the State California is in decay, hence unable to house students. Still missing is thousands of enterprise dollars along with cash road tax funds, BUT, a nice pavilion in the park HUUUM? City's broke, bad credit rating, can't get loans or bonds, sewer plant in decay/disrepair, being worked on with funds achieved through lawsuit. Bad choice by previous city council in reduction of water rates, and you are about to pay for that soon. Bad choice by previous city council not to collect thousands in overdue water bills from Loyalton Mobile Estates for many years. Bad choice made to pull out of CalPers, CalPers having made the decision to cut a major portion of retired city employees retirement, this is yet to be resolved. Bad choice in not having a city engineer/planner/inspector, it's felt by one candidate we don't need one, wants to borrow one from Plumas County, no responsibility or accountability in that! Bad choice on 100 year flood plain plan, there isn't one according to the city clerk but told we have nice pictures showing flood plain. A flood plain plan is required by State Law under CA Government Codes including Sections of which County of Sierra uses, 65800 & 65910. Federal Law, U.S. Code Title 33 › Chapter 15 › § 701b–12 and 44 CFR Part 9 – Floodplain Management and protection of wetlands and many more laws and requirements the city is ignoring. Bad choice's being made in city management and maintenance of infrastructure, town streets, curbs, gutter cleaning, brush, weed and tree abatement and the city has failed miserably to maintain CalTrans property easements under City Improvements, Contribution Agreement 03-0051-03221-374120, dated May 25, 1996, page 2, Section III, Paragraph 3: “The City of Loyalton will maintain IMPROVEMENTS.” This refers to all of downtown in the beautification plan agreed upon by CalTrans, County of Sierra and the City of Loyalton. Water system in cemetery where your family and friends are laid to rest has been broken for a long time and there is so much more! Who or what is the root of these problems, easy, BAD CHOICES, poor decision making, mismanagement, fiscally irresponsible people, questionable accounting and budget practices and very questionable leadership in the past along with questionable ethics of those who have served in the past and no doubt in the future and these are just a few reasons. Some will try to blame the current outgoing mayor though problems inherited, but the word leadership is just that. Albert Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, that has been the case with Loyalton since incorporation but to be fair, at least fifteen years ago there were a few who worked hard to improve the city by solving problems the right way but got discouraged and moved on. In my thirty years in Loyalton I have never seen people work so hard to fail. I think it is safe to say there is no exaggeration in these comments, problems, issues and facts facing Loyaltons past, present and future. One has to admit the gene pool from which to choose and vote for a candidate is shallow at best looking at past history. I think given a year a city manager with the necessary legal skills backed by proper credentials and experience given the authority possibly with court backing could repair these revolving problems. The city of Loyalton is a train wreck that has already happened and the rock at the East end of town hosting a train welcoming you to Loyalton is appropriate after all !

Michael Welbourn, Loyalton, CA

Submitted: 10/12/18
Article By: Sierra Booster