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Letters to the Editor

October 4th

A Big Congratulations to Mariposa and Stanislaus Counties. The State of Jefferson is now officially 23 Counties strong.
Andy White

Love the Booster and after I read, I mail it to Norm Hilly, Arizona fan of Cowboy Poetry. Three years + $20 extra for some postage.
Nancy Lusk
Laguna Beach, CA

I understand there is a misinterpretation of what I said at Meet the Candidates Night. I want to clarify my position on school safety, specifically on the topic of having an armed law enforcement officer on campus.
In California only retired peace officers, and peace officers who are POST certified can carry on campus. In our school district that translates into Highway Patrol, Sheriff, Probation Officers only. Our school district does not have a school resource officer.
As far as our schools, the first line of defense is knowing your students. Our schools currently have programs in place where students are getting trained to support one another in times of need. This on-the-ground information from students about how they are doing emotionally is one avenue of having a pulse on what's going on. With just over 400 students in our entire district, our administration should absolutely know every student and every parent. Four hundred students makes up many first grade classes in larger cities. Our administration needs to be accountable and involved with each and every student.
There is a panel of administration, social services, parents, and law enforcement of which I am apart that meets to discuss challenging students and looks to find the best solution for both the troubled student and the students that they may be affecting in the classes. The solution can sometimes involve anything from help from a social worker to having to call in law enforcement. Having several eyes on these students is yet another way to have a pulse on what is going on with students within our schools.

However, if one of these students slips through the cracks and decides to arm themselves to kill other students—or anyone from the community decides to come on campus looking to shoot and kill, someone is going to have to disable or disarm the shooter. I stand by my statement I made at the debate that the best way to defend students and faculty from an armed threat is to have armed law enforcement on campus. I would support a POST certified school resource officer in our district. At the very least, law enforcement should be able to respond within 5 to 10 minutes. That's it. Again, keep in mind, our nearest law enforcement officer may be 45 minutes away from an active shooter incident, leaving students and staff with absolutely no way to defend themselves other than to hide or run in hopefully the right direction.
Please let me know if you have any further questions on this matter.
Andy Genasci

Government & Criticism
America is no longer in decline, a far cry from the Obama administration the worst economy ever after WWII, less than 1.5 percent for eight years. Those States led by Democrats show poor behavior and bad choices, naturally California leading the way long since having spiraled down the toilet from LA, San Francisco to the State Capital. The Democratic Party and its followers, NOT ALL but most embrace socialism, liberalism as they neither believe in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights but believe it be some irrelevant old document to be discarded. Democrats past and present have been in search and destroy mission of any person of moral value, ethics, credibility and wealth, they loath the idea you have something they do not and that is evident in the past two weeks in their attempt to stop judge kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court and what they have put his family through. We live in a small county and small communities and in most cases we still have rational people among us, with myself, politics is politics, religion is religion, business is business and friendship is friendship, rational people can agree to disagree, that is what adults do. Criticism while working in public service or private organizations is tough, no arguing that, criticism comes with service to the public as it does with Loyaltons city government and employees. What eludes democrats, socialist, liberals, whatever they want to call themselves is NOT accepting responsibility for their actions instead making excuses for their short comings, at most democrats will blame anybody but themselves for their problems or actions. I think it is fair to say we expect from the city government, honesty, integrity and a good job. Somewhere along the line employee hiring practices in this city has become a joke. When the city looks to hire a new employee, it would be in the best interest of the city when hiring a city clerk, bookkeeper or maintenance personnel to ensure those individuals are specifically skilled and highly qualified in every respect to fulfill that position. The city of Loyalton is an equal opportunity employer therefore must follow California & Federal Law governing the post/posting of any position that should be made available.
Michael Welbourn, Loyalton CA

To the registered voters of the Sierra -Plumas School District:
You should realize by now that election time is upon us. One item that will be on all our ballots are the choices for the Sierra-Plumas School Board. Unlike other choices, in this case,we all get to vote no matter where we live. So I hope you will take advantage of an opportunity to meet the candidates of a contested seat. There are four people running for one seat on the school board.
The east side of Sierra County recently had the school board candidates at an event. Now the Sierra Democrats are sponsoring a candidates' forum on the west side, solely for the Sierra-Plumas School Board contested seat.
Please come and meet the candidates at a forum on Wednesday, October 10 at 6 P.M. at the Downieville Community Hall.
Sandra Diedrich
co chair Sierra Democrats Committee

Breast Cancer Awareness Month (National)

Submitted: 10/07/18
Article By: Sierra Booster