Letters to the Editor


To: Mr. Hans Vestberg, CEO Verizon 1095 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10013

From: Michael H. Welbourn, President/Board Director East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce P.O. Bx 366 Loyalton CA 96118
Subj: Installation of new Verizon Tower

1. Sir, on February 18, 2008, the “Analog to Digital Transition” FCC directive went into effect, all telephone companies shut down their analog wireless services. The ruling was based on the determination by the FCC that the operating costs accrued by keeping the analog services working were not beneficial to the telcos or customers.
2. The aforementioned is a false statement, cost went up service went down in our particular area for your customers, service by Verizon has almost become extinct, this is a proven fact for G3 & G4 services once having a five bar signal now barely having one.
3. Sierra Valley California is the highest, largest and most pristine Alpine Valley in North America, by nature it is remote and covers some one hundred and fifty two thousand acres of valley floor which equals two hundred and thirty seven point five square miles that service is poorly received since this change from analog to digital.
4. Beckwourth Peak outside Portola CA I believe is now owned by ComSites West of which your service is distributed, this does not service our area well.
5. There are many reason that Verizon should place a new tower in Loyalton CA. Loyalton is tucked away in the South East corner of Sierra Valley at a longitude & latitude of 39.6763° N, 120.2410° W several miles from your current tower.
6. The City Council of Loyalton has been trying to get a tower installed for some time, yes there has been issues as to the towers location from the cemetery to elsewhere then settling at the co-gen plant owned by ARP, American Renewable Power.

7. We have no cable services in Sierra Valley, they have long since moved out. AT&T has high speed internet but has never been able to accommodate more than a few as these services lack trunk lines accommodated by an old infrastructure and it appears they do not care to make improvements, this is not only AT&T's misfortune but that of Verizon's if they don't make use of this opportunity.
8. Service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, Mobile One and yes Verizon regardless of 3G or 4G at every level is ineffective on the Eastside of the valley referencing paragraph 3.
9. It is my understanding that there was and is the possibility to place a tower specifically in Loyalton and this was being considered as to improve service to the valley to be installed/located at the co-gen plant in Loyalton. Having been in contact with Mr. Steve Mueller, President ARP Loyalton he informed me this has been stalled and or Verizon has pulled out from this project?
10. Mr. Vestberg, you would have a lot of happy Verizon customers if this tower were to be constructed, I for one would dump AT&T landline service in this area as would so many others. This new tower would offer better service and opportunity to others in this area not only for business purposes but that of your client base if this were to take place.
11. I am sure Verizon has done its due diligence in cost analysis but I am also certain they have not with respect listened to their current Verizon customer base in this area. With respect, we could really use this tower as it could improve our emergency services moreover all general services in communication and the wellbeing of all those who live in Sierra Valley including Loyalton, Sierra Brooks, Sattley and Calpine who even have less wireless service, we are talking around fifteen hundred new customers for Verizon.
12. Please visit www.eastsierravalleychamber.com and look at where we are and the region to which we are asking you to improve your service and help us grow.

Thank you and my best regards,

Michael H. Welbourn

Submitted: 09/25/18
Article By: Sierra Booster