Letters to the Editor

Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce correspondence

Dear Members:

It has been a pleasure and an honor serving you as your chamber's Executive Director since 2010 Together we have built a better, stronger and more vibrant community. With your support, the Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce opened the only tourist center in Plumas County, greeting and assisting thousands of visitors every year.

It is with heartfelt sadness that I now tell you I am leaving. As many of you know, I came to America from England with my husband Les, to follow our dream of working and living in America. We went into partnership with the Wilburns ( former owners of the Greenhorn Ranch ) and developed 33 new, solar electric and energy star homes in Quincy. We built a log home and to add to our dream we had 3 horses and 2 dogs! We have had a wonderful adventure, but we miss our family — our son, grand babies, sister and lifelong friends. Les and I have decided to return to England. We will miss our many friends here in America, and will remember you all with great affection.

I ask you to continue your highly valued support of the Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce and the Lost Sierra Tourist Center. Your board of directors is a dedicated group, and will continue to serve the chamber in your best interest. Remember: this is your chamber, and exists only because of, and with the help of you — its chamber member.

Your board will likely face challenges and opportunities in the months to come that ultimately come with any change. I ask for your patience and support. If you are willing to volunteer time or talents to benefit your chamber and greater community, or would be interested serving on the Lost Sierra Chamber of Commerce board of directors, please contact your chamber.

Again, it has been my passion and sincere pleasure to be part of this amazing chamber — your chamber!


Submitted: 09/25/18
Article By: Sierra Booster