Letters to the Editor

September 20th,2018

LaMalfa -doesn't want to stop climate change

July 19, 2018, LaMalfa voted yes on House Bill (H.Con.Res.119) which was a vote to stop the current carbon sequestration act. It stated it would hurt the energy companies without addressing the damage carbon dioxide is doing to the planet. You only have to look at the Cat. 4/5 storms that are hammering our coasts each year to see what climate change is doing to us. Between 1995 and 2017 we had 20 of the warmest years ever with 2017 being the hottest ever. (data from climate central) Overall climate has gone up 2.2 degrees since 1910 causing the loss of 20% of the worlds growing land. The northern and southern regions of our world are melting releasing enormous amounts of methane. The methane then becomes a greenhouse gas adding to the carbon dioxide accelerating more release of methane at a rapid rate. In 1750 - 1800 ppb of gas was released per year. In 1996 - 1875 ppb of gas was released per year (75 ppb per year increase in 246 years). In 2016 - 1975 ppb of gas was released (100 ppb per year increase in just 10 years). It took 246 years to increase 75 ppb per year and just 10 years to increase it 100 ppb per year. Can you see the rate of acceleration? LaMalfa feels this is no big deal but then he is not sitting on the east coast of our country getting hammered by Cat. 4 storms each year.

Audrey Denney, who is running against LaMalfa, however, “supports investment in regenerative agriculture and forestry to sequester carbon.”A.D. She supports farms in moving to “sustainable agricultural practices.” It will help with healthy soil, will hold water better, increase farms production, will increase a more diversified ecosystem and give a better ability to fight drought and other “climate change challenges.” A.D.

This would give us “soil-based carbon credits.” A.D. This would help with runaway climate change. This also would help to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Best of all it “supports Investment in green energy.” A.D.

Please vote for the Candidate Who Cares About Our Home, THE EARTH. She is not only an intelligent strong woman, she is also a wonderful person. Please vote for AUDREY DENNEY in November for United States House of Representatives. Help stop the madness in Washington and help bring the change we so badly need.

Mona Uruburu

We watched "Sunday Morning" tonight (we recorded it) and there was your dad! When he was 93.

We didn't delete it. If you are going to be in Downieville and would like to come over to our house and watch it, please let us know and we will pick a day.

It was so great to see him!

Carol & David

When one is a public servant, especially a paid public servant working for the City Loyalton, you work for us, lashing out at the public especially in a public forum making it personal because they didn't like your opinion, you are there to serve. I recently wrote an article as seen in the Sierra Booster September 6th 2018 entitled “City Employees/Nothing Personal” that still stands and will not recap the article, yes, it was taken personal, it was not. There are rules to follow and every employee is subject to those rules, you don't make the rules as you go along. Tuesday September 18, 2018 at the city council meeting in defense of herself Ms. Smith once again lashed out in public this time describing her duties from permits, accounting, human resources etc., yes she has many duties but among those duties is still not the city planner. Employees should be reminded they serve at the will, discretion and direction of the City Council and by design in this country we call that Democracy and should keep that in mind when dealing with the public. Public service is tough, no arguing that, criticism comes with public service as does the public's trust in what you do along with honesty and integrity. Hiring for public service, especially Loyalton being incorporated, the process should ensure individuals are qualified in all respects. I have been in Loyalton nearing thirty years, shooting from the hip or crap shoot management style with the city council has never changed, that is not management it is mismanagement, this needs to change. A budget is necessary and not one that parrots the past as defined by one of the previous mayors but one that needs to make the city of Loyalton fiscally responsible, accounting for all funds, everything, a breakdown of which a proper budget describes and that requires a qualified individual to write such a budget as not to have the city self-destruct.

Michael Welbourn, Loyalton CA


Does the truth matter? My mother thought so and she let me know. I tried to teach my kids to be truthful and honest. I thought it was important. But our Republican leaders have another view. Kellyanne Conway said there were “alternative facts”, Rudy Giuliani said “truth isn't truth”, and President Trump says “don't believe what you see or read” and he thinks the news media is the “enemy of the people”. Holy crap! These people are leading the country and trying to make a fools of us all. We can change that with the coming election. You can vote for Doug LaMalfa and continue the insanity, the fall of America into a cesspool of corruption or you can vote for Audrey Denny and return America to the people.

Don McKechnie

Sierraville, CA

Submitted: 09/19/18
Article By: Sierra Booster