Letters to the Editor


The time of year has come where unfortunately fires are in full force and smoke has begun to enter the valley. Please keep in mind with the smoke and the high temperatures we need to limit outdoor activities not just for us but be aware of our fur babies. The smoke effects them as well. When we get a break from this, look around your property and start making your defensible space. Register for the new debris program to help haul away your pine needles and branches. Fires can happen, we all need to be prepared and be sure our properties are not a fuel source. Remember there is a burn ban in effect so hauling off that debris is the only option. I personally would like to thank the Dept of Forestry , Cal Fire and all Fire Fighters out there fighting the fight. ❤ Just saying we appreciate the efforts and all they do just does not seem like enough.. There are no words

Cheri Asher Sposito

Calpine Improvement Association President
Sierra County Fire Protection - Dispatch Coordination

Submitted: 07/28/18
Article By: Sierra Booster