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July 12, 2018

Hey Trump voters. Don't wet yer pants! You do not need to be afraid of Guatemalan babies. They will not hurt you, nor will their mothers, who are frantic, because your government took their children. And the stunning thing is: Trump's continued support from you and the cowardly congressional republicans. Any of those guys got any guts? They are dismantling our country. They are denigrating the press, Truth, Facts, the courts, the FBI, CIA, his own appointees (that's pretty funny). We are on the path to becoming a s __thole country. Oh by the way, the Mueller investigation has got one of Trumps pals in jail, three guilty pleas from big shots in his administration and at least 12 indictments. Sounds like a banana republic to me.
Don McKechnie

Hello Jan,
Your picture on the front page of the 4th of July 18 edition, was disturbing for me to look at. I see 15 people all in a line while our National Anthem is being sung by Mollie Griffin. What I see is the dumbing down of America!
Four adults with only one showing respect for the Star Spangled Banner. Then next to him one girl holding her ball cap over heart. Number 6 girl also with ball cap over heart! Then l. to r., number eight who appears to be a Native American, showing due respect.
Am I witnessing the liberal takeover of our schools in my favorite part of the once great state of California? The obvious answer is a yes.
Then per Michael Hogan's answer to my previous letter per bicycles on our highways. I don't see your connection with the taxes you have paid, giving you the right to bike ride on our highways. Then you bring the money part into the excuse. You are trying to buy your way into the situation. Just because your and others show up in the beautiful Sierra Valley for a couple of days, leave some “bucks,” then you are gone until next year. Whoopee. I feel that you are just
taking advantage of the good folks and the wonderful folks of Sierra Valley. Myself and a few others I know make it a point to stay away from there.
The mentioning of “first responders” brings to mind my two new neighbors, retiring from Sierra Valley to Palomino Valley, Nevada. For a better lifestyle? I wonder. Back in earlier days the “first responders” were fellow highway travelers. Then some doctor stopped to help an injured person. The doctor got sued for his helping out a fellow traveler. After that news got around every one would just stand and look at the injured and wait for the police to show up. Then the fireman was given first aid lessons. Then the E.M.T.s have evolved. Myself, in all of my escapades and military service, did I ever think that if something went wrong that there people would “bail” me out. Still don't expect it.
Marvin Reed
(Ed's note: The photo on the front page was taken immediately prior to the National Anthem as we try not to photograph during it!)

Dear Editor,
Your attention is directed to the recent posting in the Mt. Messenger, owned/operated by Mr. Don Russell, reflecting the names and contact numbers for members of the Board of Supervisors (BOS). As you will note, one of the names reflected is “Sharon Dryden, Loyalton”.
Although Ms. Dryden was elected in June 2018, for the record she is NOT an official member of the BOS and does not take office until sworn in as such in 2019.
Such irresponsible writing and “fake news”, is indicative and reflective of intentional disrespect and regard for the current member and position on the BOS's by the editor of Sierra County's “officially recognized newspaper and business partner.”
As such I am respectfully requesting the current BOS call for an immediate removal of any and all future fiduciary relationship with this business. This type of conduct is unprofessional and unacceptable.
Sincerely yours,
Derek T. Beverly
Sierra City, CA

Thanks for the article in your 6/14 issue highlighting the Roberti's new venture in A24 Farming Pioneering Hemp in Sierra Valley. On page 11 you state that Dave Roberti said that "they can't call up many people to see what works because it is so new. The only other farm that is mechanically harvesting hemp is in Colorado".
He's right.....US production of hemp, because of federal prohibition decades ago, ceased to exist. Prior to prohibition it was a staple agricultural product grown everywhere for food, oil and fiber. In some states it was the largest crop. It has been used for centuries
around the world. Hemp was used for sails and rope on ships. People made clothing and household items with the fibrous plant strands.The seeds, when cracked and eaten, provide Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients essential for good health. Dr. Bronner's out of Escondido, CA imports Canadian produced hemp oil for their liquid soaps. Hemp was a staple crop on most American farms before being outlawed. Why has it been illegal to grow for decades? I ask people to do their own research into this question.
Why do I write? I want to relay to Dave Roberti that a Google search of "Hemp" and "Industrial Hemp in the UK" will give him a ton of information. The United Kingdom has been legally growing and mechanically harvesting hemp for years. California, Colorado and other states have started the ball rolling in the states. Once the US government removes the current illegal status from hemp production, interest in growing the plant will explode nationwide. It could be the crop that raises the standard of living for millions of our farmers currently struggling to stay afloat. A friend of mine witnessed an exciting project in England two summers ago. Contractors used crushed hemp as part of their
formula for housing and wall construction projects. It is dubbed "Hempcrete".
As far as the fear of hemp getting into the hands of people wanting to smoke it.....Fear not! Reports from those who have smoked hemp report that a raging headache is all they got........Thanks for the report Jan. Maybe the researchers on the Roberti project will find hemp to be an ideal crop for Sierra Valley growers wishing to diversify their farms and ranches. A final note. A recent visit to Maui, Hawaii for the first time since living there in the mid 90's revealed to me the island's struggle with what to grow instead of sugar cane, which is now mostly grown more cheaply elsewhere in the world. Many Maui residents are proponents of hemp production because of it's drought resistence.
Hemp was made illegal in 1937 when the Marijuana Tax Law was passed. Marijuana-Hemp....Not even the same plant. William Randolph Hearst, newspaper tycoon, vilified it in the press that he dominated (Hemp is a cheap source of paper fiber instead of cutting down trees). The DuPont family, chemical tycoons, also spread lies and distorted info about the product because they were heavily invested in nylon and plastics development. Public good compromised and cast aside for the profit of a few millionaire families? It seems true. The Marijuana Tax Law hearings were poorly attended at the time.
Name withheld by request

Hooray For Trump
What's the difference between a puppy and a Liberal, the puppy stops whining when it grows up! It was the Obamas administration who put children in cages, not Trumps! Every person coming into this country needs to be vetted, the Supreme Court just ruled supporting the Constitution and the powers of the President of the United States to stop anyone from coming into this country as he sees fit.
In the U.S. when a parent or parents have difficulty with children or a serious illegal activity or mishaps, who knocks on the door, social services, a program started by Liberal Democrats who in 1980 controlled both house of Congress and a Democratic President who signed it into law Jimmy Carter.
We are a Nation of laws of which the Democrats and Liberals would if in power, remove ICE, have open borders for more drugs, illegals, human trafficking, illegal abductions. Congress waste billions of dollars on illegals who care nothing of assimilating into our society but would rather come here for a free ride. Cost of building the wall, $21.6 billion, cost annually of illegal immigration, $99 billion, do the math.
For McKechnie who no longer lives in Sierra County but gets an equal voice in our Republic, what we the conservatives and this administration are dismantling is eight years of socialism under Obama a man who neither heeded the words in the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights but who crapped on it every day! No McKechnie, the days of the banana republic are gone, the Constitution and a rightful Constitutional Government has replaced the lawlessness that was the Obama administration.
Michael H. Welbourn

Hey there!!
Summertime brings many things including camping, outdoor activities and specifically off road fun.
Please be aware riding off the trails in the tall grass brings high fire danger.
It does not take much to spark a fire.
Please stay in the designated riding areas and on the trails.
Thank You in advance for keeping yourself and our beautiful mountains safe!!
Cheri Asher Sposito
Calpine Improvement Association President
Sierra County Fire Protection - Dispatch Coordination

Submitted: 07/13/18
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