Letters to the Editor

Rebuke to Trump

While Trump (triple T – Trump the Treasonous Traitor) is making jabs at and putting down NATO, Senate Democrat Jack Reed wrote an attachment to a bill which says We “(2) reaffirm the ironclad commitment of the United States to its obligation under article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty to the collective self-defense of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Alliance; of a broader long term strategy using all elements of United States National power to deter and if necessary, defeat Russian aggression; (4) call on the administration to urgently prioritize the completion of a comprehensive whole government strategy to counter malign activities of Russia that seek to undermine faith in democratic institution and the United States and around the world, and to submit that strategy to congress without delay…”

This bill was passed in the U.S. Senate by 97-2 in favor of it.

Reed Stated that the Trans-Atlantic Treaty is in the best interest of the United States not because other countries are paying us for protection.

Triple T went on to comment about his over seas trip. He commented Putin will be the easiest of all of them. He has refused to have anyone in the room with him when he meets with Putin which is against our government policy to record everything the President does, because he is getting his instructions from his handler for the next year to further destabilize our country and the EU so that eventually we can fall under Russian rule, triple T's final goal.

Mona Uruburu

466=005 Norvell Lane

Janesville, CA 96114

Submitted: 07/11/18
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