Letters to the Editor


Hooray For Trump
What's the difference between a puppy and a Liberal, the puppy stops whining when it grows up! It was the Obamas administration who put children in cages, not Trumps! Every person coming into this country needs to be vetted, the Supreme Court just ruled supporting the Constitution and the powers of the President of the United States to stop anyone from coming into this country as he sees fit.
In the U.S. when a parent or parents have difficulty with children or a serious illegal activity or mishaps, who knocks on the door, social services, a program started by Liberal Democrats who in 1980 controlled both house of Congress and a Democratic President who signed it into law Jimmy Carter.
We are a Nation of laws of which the Democrats and Liberals would if in power, remove ICE, have open boarders for more drugs, illegals, human trafficking, illegal abductions, congress waste billions of dollars on illegals who care nothing of assimilating into our society but would rather come here for a free ride. Cost of building the wall, $21.6 billion, cost annually of illegal immigration, $99 billion, do the math.
For McKechnie who no longer lives in Sierra County but gets an equal voice in our Republic, what we the conservatives and this administration are dismantling is eight years of socialism under Obama a man who neither heeded the words in the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights but to crapped on it every day! No McKechnie, the days of the banana republic are gone, the Constitution and a rightful Constitutional Government has replaced the lawlessness that was the Obama administration.
Michael H. Welbourn

Hey there!!
Summertime brings many things including camping, outdoor activities and specifically off road fun. Please be aware riding off the trails in the tall grass brings high fire danger. It does not take much to spark a fire. Please stay in the designated riding areas and on the trails.
Thank You in advance for keeping yourself and our beautiful mountains safe!!
Cheri Asher Sposito
Calpine Improvement Association President
Sierra County Fire Protection - Dispatch Coordination

Submitted: 07/10/18
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