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5/31/18 Letters to the Editor

Dear Jan, 5-17-2018
Pertaining to Loyalton City Council meeting MAY 15, I was surprised to see the true colors of one of our council members. Even when Steve Gross advised and found that she has no $ vested, there was no legal law to make her recuse herself, I was appalled when she didn't. Ethically doesn't she see she should
recuse herself? What kind of example does this set for the 4H child? She should have been working with the neighbors at the onset of the problem, coming up with a plan, and not plotting on how to sabotage a child's project at the last minute.
Any way, JUST SAY'N. LOL
Loyalton, CA

Hello Jan -
In a long overdue thank you, the McCollum family would like to thank our customers and community for their continued support after losing our business in a February fire. As always this wonderful community showed up in a tough time and that is why we have always been grateful to live here. Our customers are what made this business and without them, to start all over would have not been possible!! Business is just about back up and running and both Cody and Dan are looking forward to getting back to work. Thank you again to everyone. We can't say it enough.
The McCollum Family

Taxing properties that have created rain water capturing is one of the bills we are going to vote on this election.
Have we had the opportunity to vote on capturing rain? I don't recall it, perhaps I missed that election.
Has there been an E.I.R. on such an action? Are we not stealing the rain from the earth?
Does snow count?
Should we not tax the benefit of sunshine as well? Imagine how much sunshine is being stolen by solar panels.
What about the air we breathe that ought to be taxed as well.You got an air compressor on your property to fill your air mattress? Tax it!! And the mattress that stores it. Hell, tax life itself. Don't trees store water, sunshine and air? Got trees? Tax 'um.
Growing your own pot? Well that's o.k. A person has to have some form of relief from the burden of taxation. 'EREE!
It is no longer tax the rich in America, it's tax living. Only the dead ride for free.
A. Feets
environmentalist Tax it All!

Letter to the Editor,
With regard to Proposition A, the commercial grow proposition for marijuana in Sierra County, I wish to state I am opposed to commercial growing for the following reasons:
The county supervisors have not made any guidelines for plot sizes or number of plants in commercial grows. They have stated that the state bill has set up the rules. The county can supercede the state ruling for number of plants and for plot sizes but that will be another uphill battle for both for and against marijuana commercial in Sierra County.
In western Sierra County, Pike City and Alleghany have already seen the consequences of the current county ordinance where 72 plants can be grown on a single property with four permits. The state law will allow up to 100 plants in areas smaller than any current grow in Pike or Alleghany. The fact that commercial growers will be subject to state rules, be licensed, have the plants tracked is unfeasible in our area. The state will not provide personnel to see to it that commercial growers are adhering to the rules. And no one currently checks to see if growers are following the county rules.
I am wholly in support of personal grow and personal use of 6 to 12 plants. But without constant state monitoring of any commercial marijuana in Sierra County, I will vote yes on Measure A, as will the Pike residents I have spoken with. Vote yes on Measure A.
Very truly yours,
Grace Knowles, Pike City

.Hey Don McKechnie,
You better check your history books. I don't know before Franklin D. Roosevelt, but WWII, Korea, Vietnam all under the Democrats. Actually I recently have read that it is pretty evenly divided among the parties.
And which one of our presidents spoke of how to maintain peace? Something along those lines; speak softly and carry a big stick.
And I, a Korean War veteran, thank my lucky stars that our President Donald J. Trump is of that mindset. And you should be also. Yes. I am for a large military.
Our drawn out wars at the present time I feel, is because of the “micro management” out of Washington, D.C. Leave the fighting to the generals. Ask them what they need, then give it to them.
You want government health care? OK. Just spend 3 years in the Army or Marines. Or 4 years in the other branches. That's how I got mine. And you?
Sending kids to school hungry? Why is that my responsibility? I recall when the religious groups looked after that. But slowly that elected group in Washington, D.C. thought they could do a better job.
They haven't, have they. Just my take.
Marvin Reed

Submitted: 06/01/18
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