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Letters to the Editor

May 30, 2018


The United States sends young people to war, with rallying the cry “fighting for freedom”. We may have to change that. As the National Football League becomes more jingoistic and profit driven it seems they could give a damn about freedom. They will fine teams if the players kneel (it's done in church) while the national anthem is playing. There is significant racism in the third verse of that song. Seems to me like kneeling is simply a form of expression covered by the First Amendment. Perhaps the owners have forgotten the first amendment. Have we become so simple minded and mean we can't sympathize with players showing respect for American citizens brutalized for the last 300 years?

Don McKechnie


Date: May 30, 2018

To: City of Loyalton
Through: Steven C. Gross
Of Porter and Simon
40200 Truckee Airport Rd.
Truckee, Ca.

Regarding: This is to advise the Loyalton City Council of my intent to file with the court a Writ of Mandamus(mandate) for failure to meet their statutory obligation to the community of Loyalton California.

My rationale is to advise the Court of the abuse of power, failure to the fiduciary duty of the council, failure to enforce Loyalton City ordinances, and infringing on the communities right to their desired quality of life

In closing just a brief response is required as this is time sensitive and the money becomes an issue for our community.
Thank you,

Joy Markum

Submitted: 05/30/18
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