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May 3, 2018

Yes we pay taxes
I was riding my bicycle in Sierra Valley with my husband and 3 friends when a man in a pickup truck slowed down alongside my husband and asked, "why don't you guys pay taxes?" It isn't much fun for a cyclist to make conversation with an unfriendly driver so the conversation was short, but we soon found out where the man lives and that he hasn't been paying his rent. And by the way, like most cyclists, we pay plenty of tax and we also register 5 vehicles and 2 trailers with the DMV. Bicyclists DO pay for the roads. We want 'Same rules, Same roads, Same rights.
Dolly B. Chapman

What do insecure presidents do? They go to war and I am inclined to think Trump will get us into a war soon. He and the Republicans care nothing about the cost or results of such an action. Look at the consequences of the Bush wars, nearly 7,000 American young men and women gone, tens of thousands permanently injured, trillions added to the debt, and we are still there. But Republicans get outraged by Democrats trying (very poorly) to provide health care to Americans or send kids to school that are not hungry.
So, we have lots of choices to attack, North Korea, Iran, Venzuala, Syria (oops we did that), and I am sure there are others on the list. Remember we have huge oceans on the east and west, allies to the north and south (yup, Mexico is an ally). Why are we so afraid? It is in conservative's DNA; cut taxes and regulations, then go to war. So let's send young people off to war and put the bill on these youngsters. Like the Bush bunch did.
Don McKechnie

We all deeply appreciate a paper that cares, reflects the communty and keeps us all informed and happy!
Kay Genasci

Dear Sierra County Community members,
It's that time of year, again and plans are in process for Sierra County's exhibit at the State Fair. Are you curious about what the exhibit is going to look like? Then please join us on Thursday, May 10th at 6:30 pm at the Sierra City Community Hall for a State Fair Exhibit planning meeting. Volunteers are needed to help with the building, the staffing and the break-down of the exhibit at the end of the fair. The fair starts on Friday, July 13th and ends on Sunday, July 29th. The theme this year is “California – Create, Inspire & Innovate.
Even if you are unable to attend this meeting, we still need your help in making our exhibit a huge success. Please contact me by email:
maryervinlaw@gmail.com or by phone 862-1173 if you can volunteer. I truly appreciate all of the help and encouragement in the past from the great people of Sierra County, so let's all get together and create and build a great exhibit and win that Golden Bear!
Thank you very much,
Mary Ervin, Sierra City

Hi Jan,
Just a brief note on ongoing litigation in Plumas County Superior Court.
There is a theory on the creation of man that claims he came out of the sea. That in earlier times he was a fish.
It is frightening to think about what might have happened to mankind if the California Department of Fish and Game had found out.
That is all.
Amazing Feets

A note to Tom Dotta's letter (4/5/18). The problem with Loyalton and the eastside started about 40 years ago. The state changed the way timberland was taxed.
This was to stop high valued timberland from being
converted to other uses, because of the high taxes. It was a zoning change Timberland Production Zone (TPZ). It deferred timber tax to time of harvest, instead of standing value. The land had to be site III or higher to qualify. The contract was 10 years with no other use than to grow trees.
There is NO TPZ lands on private property that meet the legal definition on the eastside of Sierra County. It has been used by the Planning Director with the zone changes made by the retired assessor to stop growth. The reason is obvious, the eastside is the only area in Sierra County that could grow.
I will use as an example the City of Santa Clara, which proposed a ski area development at Balls Canyon west of Highway 395. They had to buy out of TPZ to proceed. They paid the extortion – remember there is NO TPZ on the eastside. This is marginal forestland but great development land. It was now up to the Planning Director to make the project go away. He did his job. This example is just one of several successful stops.
It now appears that the planned economic disaster for Loyalton and the eastside may have succeeded. The Planning Director for life can now retire and compare his handiwork with the retired assessor.
R. Strong, Forester


Responding to requests from communities in the eastern part of Sierra County that are not within a fire protection district, the Sierra County Fire Protection District #1 has decided to pursue annexation of all of that part of eastern Sierra County that is not within a district. With help from Sierra County Planning Department, the SCFPD#1 is in the process of preparing a resolution to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to annex all of the unserved areas including Long Valley, Verdi, Sierra Brooks, and Loyalton Pines. The City of Loyalton will be excluded from the expanded District. The resolution will follow legal notice in the Mountain Messenger and a public hearing before the District Commission.

Recent developments include:
• Sierra County has identified an ad-hoc committee (Supervisors Roan and Adams) to negotiate the portion of the real property taxes that will be transferred to the District.
• Supervisors Roen and Hubner, Sierra County Staff, and two District Commissioners have again met
with Chief Moore of Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District. Staff work from Sierra County Assessor's office (Laura Marshal and her staff) was presented to Chief Moore to demonstrate the com- patibility of funds available from the County Tax Roles (at 7.8% of the 1% tax rate) with rates paid for similar service within Washoe County. It appears that additional funds will be necessary from “Benefit Assessment Areas” for both Verdi Ca, and Long Valley. The expressions for support from those residents and the estimates provided by Chief Moore indicate that adequate funds can be generated to pay for the desired Structure Fire and Emergency Medical Service.
• A consultant to guide the LAFCO process has been identified to assist both the County and the District in this effort.
Over three years ago, the District established three decision parameters to guide their efforts. A. They must be invited. B. There must be a means to provide service. C. The cost of service must not impact existing property owners within the District. As we engaged property owners of the involved areas through 8 public meetings, we added the goal to “strengthen Loyalton Fire Department” as a collateral benefit.
The District has concluded that these criteria can be met. We also believe that Loyalton Fire Department will be strengthen by receiving additional revenue under a Service Agreement that routes funds from out of City areas through the District to the Department.
With this recent progress noted above, the District will continue on the annexation road with a goal of completing the annexation by December 2018.

Rick Maddalena/ William Copren,
Sierra Co. FPD #!

Submitted: 05/03/18
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