Letters to the Editor

April 5, 2018

Dear Editor;
I understand from your 3-22-18 issue that the current big deal is LAFCo. I understand it is another Tim Beals kingdom. It is not surprising that it is a costly process. It takes a lot of time to find the right laws to prevent growth while we are forced to pay for the knife that stabs us in the back. The process appears to be the one that can prevent growth, what a great tool for a no growth planner and county. Then not only is that the process they can use for the fire districts, but the health care as well. Both are barely making it and to change anything requires a huge sum of money to go to the planning kingdom.
Let's talk about the Health care, In the Sierra Valley Hospital District we cannot get a full consistent Board. The main function is to assure that the bond payment is made.
One reason for non-participation in the District is the required 700 card that each member has to submit to volunteer their service. This form requires very detailed information and then is sent to the County and the corrupt have access for their retaliation. Another is apathy; it seems no matter what, the west side imposes their no growth rules, and who wants to waste their time knowing the answer. Unless there is something new that I am not aware of, if the two Districts are consolidated residents of both districts take on the total debt of the combined districts. Sierra Valley's bond will be paid in 2023, when will Eastern Plumas's bond be paid and what is it? Can Sierra County residents stand anymore leans against their property? If this consolidation is being considered why not provide the FACTS to those affected. The west side is not affected but yet the $100,000.00 dollar plus paycheck bunch wants to rule with LAFCo, making no growth, no job Sierra County dive deeper into third world status while every avenue is found to keep money flowing into paychecks and CALPERs.
When will the voters wake up and look at the track records of what the elected ones have done, and who they have employed, then look at the communities and see if what we have, is this no jobs, limited service what we want?. Did the gas station close in Downieville? Not a bank in Loyalton, what is next, you no growthers can rest assured it will not be growth or jobs!
If it is California rules that make poor Sierra County stop growth, then join to push for the new state of Jefferson. To my knowledge not one of the west side three support the State of Jefferson. Just remember the lies that were pushed to stop Loyalton's General plan from growing ten years ago. The poor broke rancher had to have a fund raiser to stop from having his ranch stolen from him. For that, he was rewarded to the Supervisor job with his Nevada license plates, and now given two City wells. Where is all the in- fill and other lies they promoted? How is Loyalton's CALPERs?
What corruption, voters are responsible for all this and the voters can change it!
Thomas Dotta

National prohibition of alcohol was undertaken to reduce crime, solve social problems, reduce the tax burden created by prisons, and improve health. The results of that experiment clearly indicate that it was a miserable failure on all counts.
The lessons of prohibition remain important today.
California mandates that licensed marijuana cultivation undergo inspections and adhere to strict regulations for the use of water and pesticides, making it the most sustainable and environmentally friendly crop. Cultivation sites can be limited in size and to pre-existing cultivators to halt any influx of new or large operations. To regulate cultivators does not create an increase, but rather a reduction in activity.
Banning cannabis gardens will not protect the environment and wildlife. Yuba County enacted a ban and has declared a state of emergency, unable to deal with the black-market operators. They will have no access to the state funding to assist in enforcement because they chose not to permit. Cannabis cultivation is only a misdemeanor infraction so there is no legal deterrent to illicit activity without putting local land-use regulations in place.
Prohibition does nothing to address the nuisances associated with unregulated activity. An unenforceable
or corruptly enforced law is a bad law; we deserve better.
Sarah Grew

Mercers influenced Election

Cambridge Analytica (C.A.) owned by the very wealthy Mercer family, started 2 years ago mining DATA off the internet. They received over 50 million American Profiles (illegally). They hired racist, Steve Bannon to run C.A. Then they began making up slogans like “DRAIN THE SWAMP', 'DEEP STATE'. They also began making up false (Fake news) stories. These stories were designed to inflame and divide the people of this nation. They sent these stories to vulnerable, easily influenced, individuals. We received several and could see they were garbage and threw them out. But many bought into these lies being disseminated. The stage was now set for Russian sympathizer, Donald Trump to enter and continue to repeat all this made up (fake news) info and further divide out nation. Jared Kushner, Trumps son-in-law, ran the C.A. ILLEGAL SERVICES, for the Trump Presidential Campaigned. Mostly those on the far right bought into the stories and they all fell into line, lock step, repeating this information to their family and friends spreading the disease.

Donald Trump talks about “Drain the Swamp” HE IS THE SWAMP. Wake up people, HE HAS NO MORALS. He's a narcissist who thinks only about what will benefit him or make him more money. Remember his comment on the bus with Billy Bush when he said, referring to women, “I can kiss them, grab their p____ys and get away with it because I am Rich.” THESE ARE HIS OWN WORDS ON TAPE. He is single handedly destroying our country and our democracy. Wake up people before it is too late. IMPEACH HIM NOW!!!!

CNN'S Aaron Kessler also reported the following individuals using the illegal data mined by C.A.

Tom Tillis – North Carolina paid C.A for their illegal services
John Bolton – U.S. Ambassador paid C.A. $1,152,299 for their illegal services
Ted Cruz – Paid 5.8 million to C.A. for their illegal services.
Ben Carson – paid 438,065 to C.A. for their illegal services
Tom Cotton – paid 20,000 to C.A. for their illegal services

C.A. was taped by investigators pretending to be clients. The tapes revealed C.A offering to bribe congressmen by setting up honey-traps (sending in women to offer sex and then taping it and then bribing the individuals); and using large amounts of money to bribe other congressmen. This is the organization Trump used to influence you in the Presidential Election with a bunch of made up false lies (fake news). Trump is the king of fake news, he lies so much he can't even keep up with all his lies. He admitted on TV the other day that he had lied to a foreign head of state.

Trump just called and congratulated PUTIN on his corrupt election win after being advised by ALL his advisors not to do so because of how it would look (LIKE HE IS IN PUTIN'S POCKET). He did not say anything to Putin about the two people who were poisoned on Englands soil with Russia being suspected of doing it.


Mona Uruburu
Janesville, CA 96114

Tippie's Trip
By Hugh Huntley
What more could a boy want? I had a horse, Check – he was a Pinto – a black and white cross between a quarter horse and a mustang with a 'check' on his flank. I had a dog, a small white Fox Terrier with black ears and a spot on her back –Tippie and things were good.
My cousin Evelyn invited me to visit she and Gordon, her new husband in Sattley, a town 17 miles from Loyalton where I lived. It was summer and I decided to ride there on my horse, Check. Tippie was always at my side, so she was going to come too.
We started out early. I on my horse with a packed lunch of a bologna sandwich, an apple, and candy bar sitting high in the saddle while Tippie followed behind. After about a mile, I turned around to see Tippie sitting by the road and not moving. She would not respond to my calls so I had to go back and pick her up. She almost smiled and said, “there, now let's go!” Well, can you guess the rest of the story? She rode with me on the saddle all 16 miles.
I stayed with Evelyn and Gordon for a week. They were newly married and were always kissing which I thought was strange. I loved to fish and caught lots of 10” and 12” trout for dinners in Strang Creek. My Uncle Johnnie came with his truck and gave us a ride home, and I'm sure Tippie smiled the whole way.

Submitted: 04/06/18
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