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I don't believe America can ever be great again. It's because of Trump voters. Truth, knowledge, honor, ethics and empathy are not important to them. They claim to be Christian, but are not moved by gun violence and children with no access to medical care. They are fighting a war on science and intellect. They claim to have family values but are opposed to family planning. They are supportive of textbooks that are not truthful about our history such as slavery and the treatment of Native Americans. They are supportive of a man whose sexual indiscretions are monumental and refused to acknowledge subordinates who beat their spouses. Trump does not acknowledge Russia's interference in our election process, and has delegitieized the courts, the press, the FBI, and has villainized ethnic groups. But, the most worrying thing is his unvarying support by sycophantic republican legislators. One note: China is looking at us through their rear view mirror. Chain has several bullet trains and we can't even keep trains on the tracks.
Don McKechnie

Another school shooting and our politicians remind us to send our thoughts and prayers to the victim's families. Maybe we should pray that our politicians grow a backbone and do something
meaningful about curbing gun violence in this country. While we are praying maybe we should also pray that we will learn to love our children as much as we love our guns.
I do not understand why someone's right to own a military assault weapon is more important than a school student's right to live a full life.
Vernon Hawthorne
Loyalton, CA

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Dear Editor,
Regarding Tom Dotta's letter to the editor of Feb. 22, 2018, about the Parkland Florida school massacre.
From a business perspective, you have to admit that guns are the perfect product – more lucrative than opiates and nicotine.
The only cure for the evil use of opiates (withdrawals) is more opiates!
The same is true of guns – the only solution for the evil use of guns is more guns!
It's the free enterprise system at its best.
I'm surprised Mr. Dotta cites all that other socialist liberal pabulum about dysfunctional society, social media, movies, video games, parenting, government hatred, etc. (all of which the rest of the world has too) to explain these American terrorist incidents. By the way, Tom left out mental health in his liberal laundry list and he failed to point out that guns don't kill anymore than cars or nuclear weapons do. He also failed to ask, like most liberals, why with so many guns per capita, America is not the safest nation on the earth.
We all know that the only solution to a gun is another gun, just like opiates. We have to harden our schools and militarize the learning environment like the President suggests. We need to arm teachers, guards and – call it sacrilege – even students, to ensure they can defend themselves when armed guards and other measures fail. Fewer deaths would have occurred in Parkland if trained students were allowed to carry. We don't want our American children and grandchildren to be as defenseless against domestic terrorism as the children in failed socialist states like Norway do we? Students have 2nd Amendment rights just like Tom, those on the terrorist watch list, the mentally ill, and the rest of us.
Isaac Thomas Hink
Sierra Valley

Dear Editor.
I am often amazed by the good people of our community. A great guy plowed my driveway today out of sheer kindness. I know of others who were helped to deal with this storm by neighbors and friends. Believing in Karma, I know the goodness will be repaid. Certainly makes me want to "pay it forward" and I will.
Betty Thatcher

Editor: Fantasy Vs Truth
Intellect, reality, truth, common sense and zero proof are the five missing factors in any of the subject matters in a letter to the editor from a socialist liberal in Janesville CA, telling you to vote Democrat at the end of her delusional piece as seen in the Sierra Booster February 22, 2018.
You can always tell an arm chair lefty liberal warrior and learn a great deal about them, never having meant them, but from way they write, specifically and especially lacking in the five missing factors as in the aforementioned, this person wrote with such fervor, wanting those specific subject matters/issues to be so true that she is willing to destroy a sitting President without evidence or proof.
There are some real Democrats left in this day and age, rare indeed, but most Democrats are socialist liberals, to hear one speak or write, it's as if they have braces on their brain. The material they use is scripted, straight out of CNN's talking points or proven liberal inaccuracies/reporting by the bias, liberal mainstream media outlets. Liberals are notorious for trafficking in zero facts, they do so much want to believe in corruption, collusion and demagogy, “Demagogy” a political activity or practices that seek support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people, in this case, will do anything to perpetuate the lie or notion.
It isn't that liberals are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so! That quote is from a former thirty three year Democrat turned Republican in 1962, one of few great Presidents this Nation has ever seen, Ronald Wilson Reagan. The mind is such a terrible thing to waste, remember that slogan, at that time it had a different motive, people are being so seriously duped into fantasy and beyond reality by the liberal main stream media and to be so obvious, that people like this from Janesville appear to be in capable of thinking for themselves.
The real proven Russian corruption/collusion is in Hillary Clintons campaign, plus pay to play, the Clinton Foundation, uranium one deal, fake dossier, hidden and unsecure private server in a bath room closet of a mom & pop store now being investigated by Intelligence Committee in Congress and finely the DOJ. Not only did Clinton and Obama's FBI leader
ship set this whole Russian collusion story up, but they felt they knew better than the American voters, tried and trying to overturn a duly elected President of the United States and so much, much, more.
Had Clinton won the 2016 election, no American citizen would have ever heard of this corruption or collusion by the Clintons or that of the Obama elitist/aristocracy within the FBI or the DOJ. Several of these individuals such as Andrew McCabe Deputy Director of the FBI, and several others have resigned, temporally reassigned or removed. These Obama holdovers now known to be corrupt within the FBI and DOJ along with others are trying to cover their tracks, save their butts and their retirements putting you and our Nation at risk. Answer me this question, given the facts, do you trust the current FBI law enforcement or the DOJ to be fair and honest as it is apparent there is a double standard taking place, my faith in them is certainly shaken! Jeff Sessions is an honorable man, but I DON'T think he is up to the task of cleaning out the swamp at the Department of Justice or that of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, time for him to step down, but that is my opinion!
The American people on November 8th 2016 said NO to electing another liberal socialist as in Hillary Clinton and in so doing happily ended an era and “ERROR” made by the American people in the case of the Obama failed administration who brought this Nation to its knees. I don't think the American people are ready and going to forget that “ERROR” anytime soon or for a very long time.
Michael H. Welbourn
Loyalton & Reno

Dare I Say
Their Souls
Immediately following the terrible Florida school shooting, there was the usual plethora of outcries to do something, anything, to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again.
Suggestions included raising the age to buy a long gun to twenty-one, arming teachers, fortifying schools, strengthening background checks, ending private-sale loopholes and fixing a broken mental health system.
Some good ideas along with a few bad ones. But, nothing really new in the mix.
Conspicuously absent, though, is any mention of the important role schools might play.
Long ago, public schools played a critical role in developing not only the minds of our youth, but also their hearts….and, dare I say, their souls.
Unfortunately, in a rush to remove all vestiges of religious influence, a huge vacuum was created. And our children were left to suffer the consequences.
It's time to restore mandatory values training in our schools at all levels. Let's provide our kids a structured opportunity to dialog about the value of life, the value of hard work, the value of honesty, and the value of caring for their fellow human beings.
Dare I Say, our schools may hold the key to a more meaningful, long-term solution.
Peter Stiglich
(Colonel Pete) Colonel, USAF, Retired
Cottonwood, CA 96022

It is with a sad but grateful heart that I write this message to you. On February 7, we lost our family home “Tita's Hideaway” in Sierra City to a horrific house fire.
I wish to thank everyone that fought so hard to put out the fire that not only endangered our neighbors' houses, but that of the entire town of Sierra City. It was nothing short of a miracle that they were able to contain the fire to our home, leaving only minimal damage to the neighbors' houses, some power and phone lines, water pipes, a few trees, and even the sign across the street.
My prayer to the Lord “To be with me that day and in the days to come” was answered all the day long (and now still). With each act of kindness, loving hug, looks and concern and sorrow, and so many offers of help and support...you were my angels who lifted me up and are now helping make my heartache easier to bear.
With love and gratitud

Submitted: 03/08/18
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