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Letters to the Editor

February 22nd Letters

I kind of like D. Trump.
He talks like my ole man used to talk. Rough. But my old man was nobody. Just one of those flag waving Americans, that are called The Greatest Generation.
I'd like to think we can be great again.
On the other hand Mrs. Clinton seems angry, vindictive, who the heck is she mad at?
She would have been perfect in the role of Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Come to think of it, she has been flying over the cuckoo's nest for quite some time now. Since '93 maybe.
She ought to know what goes on in there.
My God! Now she wants her turn in the Barrel?

Dear Potential Donor:
The Loyalton High School Booster Club is planning our 12th annual Crab Feed fundraiser on March 24, 2018, where we also conduct an auction. This money is used to provide for athletic transportation, uniforms, tournament fees, and other expenses not covered by the school district.
If you can make a donation for our auction, we will help to promote your organization while raising much needed funds. Our auctioneers are excellent at promoting the products and services that are donated, and we are hopeful this is beneficial for the businesses as well as our Booster Club.
We appreciate your consideration. Loyalton High School athletes, parents, and school staff will greatly appreciate any donations you are able to make.
Tom Jones
Loyalton High School Principal

Another member of Trumps White House bites the dust. Several of Trumps cronies have been indicted and now another one who has been seeing highly classified material but could not get a classified clearance to see such material has been forced to resign

in shame. Now that the truth has come out that he
abused two of his previous wives (pictures included of their abuse). Jared Kushner, Trumps son-in-law, also cannot get a clearance to see classified materials because of his Russian connections, still is allowed by Trump to see classified material. Doesn't this bother anyone, someone with Russian connections is seeing our highly classified material and someone who has a criminal background seeing classified material. Both in a position to be blackmailed or willingly turning over material.
It did not seem to bother Trump of any or his staff that Rob Porter was a wife beater and they all knew about it for 13 months but continued to keep him on. Kelly, Trumps Chief of Staff, while in the military, defended a Marine Colonel who was accused by two women of sexual harassment. This Colonel later went on to be charged with 7 counts of inappropriate behavior with seven (7) underage children. Kelley called him a superb officer. Kelley either does not see the evil in some people or he just prefers to cover it up.
There have been rumors for years that Trump has been connected to the U.S. mob and the Russian Mob. Maybe this is why Trump only hires criminals, he is one. It is not a great leap to also connect Trump to the Russian hacking of the election or commit collusion with them. Trump has refused to impose the sanctions that 90% of our congress voted to impose against the Russians. Why isn't our Congress doing something about this? These sanctions were for hacking out election and for invading Ukraine. The Russians are currently hacking us and putting false information onto the internet in an effort to influence us in the up coming elections. Nothing is being done by our government to stop this hacking or to protect our elections system because Trump does not want anything done nor do the Republicans in congress who are following Trump lock step. Shame on them.
Trump and the Republicans in congress are selling us down the river and some people still cannot see it. Vote Democrat next election so we can impeach this treasonous criminal and get rid of any others connected to him.
Mona Uruburu
Janesville, CA 96114

Heidi Russo is Kaepernick's birth mother who tweeted about the son she gave up for adoption, saying she totally disagreed with Kapernick disrespecting the National Anthem and the American Flag by knelling. At a press conference Aug 30th 2016 Kaepernick praised and wore a T-shirt with pictures of Malcolm X and communist dictator Fidel Castro in what he calls, the oppression of minorities in this country. These two men seemed to be kapernick's role models never knowing or forgetting the human rights abuse including torture by Castro and in 1950 Malcolm X wrote a letter to then President Harry Truman in which he declared himself a Communist. Kapernick was later questioned on his comments whereupon he tried cleaning up his mess while the liberal socialist media sugar coated his comments. This is the same man who dishonors police officers by wearing socks with cartoon pigs wearing police hats. It is unconscionable that the same football league prohibited the Dallas Cowboys from honoring slain officers while Kaepernick was allowed to dishonor police officers, where was the First Amendment there McKechnie. You see the pattern here folks, the only time that a socialist liberal Democrat touts the Constitution especially the First Amendment is never in the best interest of the United States but only to further their socialist liberal agenda, hypocrites, total hypocrites!
Michael Welbourn
Loyalton & Reno

Regarding Marijuana and Other Odors
While I appreciate and find the science quite interesting regarding odors and how different nasal passages process different strengths of said odors due to the time it takes to come to different stages of fruition, it has been my experience that pooh smells like pooh regardless of the chemical properties it may share with other substances or the time it takes to mature. I have yet to experience the odor of pooh or marijuana that smells like lavender. Perhaps I have been living a sheltered life. I suppose if one is exposed to an odor long enough, one becomes used to it and therefore what may have once been thought as hideously odiferous, over time becomes sublime. ???????
However accurate the science behind the life cycle of marijuana Malodorousness, it is no relief nor comfort for those that have life threatening allergies to the odor marijuana emits. No one should have to leave their home during any growing season because of any crop.
Becky Kinkead

Dear Calpine Community,
Calpine Volunteer Fire Department volunteers and Sierraville and Satley volunteers have been busy with medical training last week. EMR's and EMT's have been taking classes two to three times a week and will continue for another couple of months.
Last week's emergency calls have kept the volunteers busy. There were two car accidents. One on the Little Truckee Summit and one on the Uba pass with a low angles over the cliff rescue. Please slow down, be mindful and remember both sand and black ice make slippery surfaces. Volunteers also responded to a mutual aide call from Sierra City for a house fire.
Last Thursday, the volunteers rounded out their week with an intensive training on two car extrications. Training focused in on safety and proper utilization of the hurst, jaws of life equipment, spreaders, car stabilization, and airbag deployment. See pictures below.
Save the date April 7th for our next Calpine Bingo date. These events are becoming quite popular. Thank you. We are in need of more volunteers to help the day of the event and the day before. We could use a hand moving items to and from the firehouse, recycling or doing a dump run, last minute shopping in Reno, serving food, etc. Please let me know if you can help.
We are actively recruiting first responders with the fire department as well. On medical calls we could use people to direct traffic or be medical scribes. These are very important jobs and provide you an opportunity to try something out to see if it is a fit for you.
Please let me know how you would like to help.
Our Calpine Volunteer Fire Department consists of:
Angela Haick- Chief, Fire and Medical
Mich Connolly – Assistant Chief, Fire and Medical
Keiren Connolly-Fire/Medical
Denise Connolly-Fire/Medical
Chris Lindberg-Fire/Medical
Karen Mahr- Frie Fighter/Medical
Adriana Petro-Fire/Medical
David Petro-Fire/Medical
Stacy Estrada-Publicity
Cheri Asher- Radio Communication

What's wrong with this picture? A recent poll indicated that 73% of Republicans believe that the FBI and Justice Departments are going after Trump for political reasons. Both departments are run by Republicans that Trump appointed. The deputy attorney general is a Republican that appointed the special prosecutor who is also a Republican. Sounds like Republicans are going after Republicans. This doesn't make sense.
Marianne Moore, Loyalton

Dear Editor;
Feb. 14th, was the day of the evil school murders, now as always, the socialist are calling for gun control to disarm the people and let the crooks know they can kill the defenseless ones. These mass shootings mostly come from gatherings where guns are not allowed. How is Chicago working, guns controlled and the most killings? How about addressing a total dysfunctional society with no controls on Social Media, violent out of control movies, video games that reward violence and a society that hates the government and rebels at any social media call to action? We have a government that pits the people against each other by race and gender. It is time to address the problems, a gun can stand in the corner forever and never bother a person until a human touches it. We better wake up and fix the problems, and leave the guns alone and support America while we still have America!
Tom Dotta

Submitted: 02/23/18
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