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Letters to the Editor


The Loyalton Library would like to thank the Sierra Valley Community Foundation for the grant the library received. The library is so grateful to receive the gift of 2 new Dell Computers, 2 new office chairs and a new printer/copier/fax machine. Everything arrived right before Christmas truly making it an exciting Christmas for the library. We would also like to thank Rebekah and Ozzy Perez for all of the extra help they gave. They went to Reno and purchased everything, Ozzy got all the software installed, then they delivered everything to the library and set up the computers. The library would also like to thank the community for their continued support of patronizing the library with donating money and books. Stop by the library and see our new computers, buy a book or check something out. We are open Thursdays and Fridays from 1-4 p.m.
Monica GruendelStation Manager

I don't mind paying taxes. Taxes are the membership fee of a civilized society. We get the benefits of taxation at a hell of a discount, no profit, no highly paid executives, no advertising. Taxes buy us police and fire protection, bridges and dams, the internet (yes, the internet), even the railroads as well as massive amounts of military hardware and wars. When you pay your taxes you get roads and snowplows, schools, public health and clean water, highways and subways (we liberals like those). Taxes help hungry kids and families, cancer patients, and the elderly. Government and taxes assure we have nuclear power and wildlife management. Kansas cut taxes and wound up in the toilet. Tax reduction is perpetually pushed by Republicans. Reducing taxes makes us a nation of deadbeats.
Don McKechnie

Dear Editor
The California insanity never ends it just gets worse! Now the elected ones in Sacramento are working on AB1668 to impose water restrictions to all of California. The new limit will be 55 gallons per day per person. It is estimated that each residence will cost $7,500.00 to comply with the proposed mandate. The yards will dry up and BURN away. Remember the water running wildly over Oroville Dam last year? Remember just a few years ago the Same Sacramento bunch pushing the election of the great $7 Billion water bill that would solve all water problems? When are the voters going to awaken from the trance of lies that California has put over them? Without a viable Government the ones protecting their jobs and retirements will be the biggest losers when the State of California finally breaks the backs of all tax payers, including the unions. Do you like the fact that now boys can go into the girls restrooms? That your gas tax is raised again? That your vehicle registration is raised out of sight? That California is a sanctuary state that will protect killers over its citizens? And the list goes on.
Please take time to think this out for you and your family. The only answer is The Great State of Jefferson! A state where you will be represented, where the budget will be real and balanced, not hidden in unfunded corruption. Where the counties make there counties viable not beg for outside money. In other words we will be returning to what made the great state of California Golden, the state I was proudly born in and then the state that the failed elected ones destroyed. The State of Jefferson will give us back our pride and real economic stability, not false inflated paychecks that only reward the regulators.
It is imperative to go all out to support the Great State of Jefferson.
Thomas Dotta, Sierra County

Paying taxes is like a membership fee of a civilized society, so saith the orator in Sierraville. Membership fee: “Fee payable to a club or organization.” WOW, I do NOT care to belong to such club especially under a Democratically controlled Congress or White
House having witnessed the previous eight years of economic destruction to our Nation and all Democratically controlled States, especially California over my lifetime. I too am willing to pay taxes but as a moral obligation for realistic services in a sensible manner, NOT for failed sugar coated programs or other failed services filled with socialist liberal good intentions while your tax dollars are abused and spread like manure all over the country ESPECIALLY in California as of November 2017 to the tune of $103 billion paid out to lazy people and illegals as budget records show and we're paying for it, when is enough, enough? Liberal socialist Democrat politicians are divisive hacks, constantly playing the race card filled with good intentions, wanting higher taxes to keep their status quo of the minority vote giving out your money. It's nice to have a President and Congress working for all America, though not perfect by any means, righting a sinking ship and doing so without spending ten trillion dollars like the democrats in their failed economic stimulus disaster owning every dime. Taxes and waste in California is intolerable and the main reason people are leaving California. Programs and policies should be judged by common sense and results rather than by good intentions. Question: Do you think being a slave to any Federal or State statutory procedure or social effort like welfare programs has resolved these good intentions, I think not. These programs create neither freedom nor independence. It is an ineffective and disgraceful way to secure you're families future, run a business or any government. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Think about it, every time the Democrats get in power at no time does any average American worker prosper or get near the pearly gates of prosperity (Metaphor) but closer to the gates of economic hell, Kennedy an exception, right place, right time. JUST as an FYI: Top ten Federal Government failures that both sides of the isles overlook and focus on intentions and disregard actual results and you keep paying for them with over taxation. These programs still continue to fail miserably: 10. The Department of Agriculture, 9. The Drug Enforcement Agency, 8. Social Security, 7. The Internal Revenue Service, 6. NASA now thanks to Obama, 5. The Environmental Protection Agency, 4. The United States Department of Education, you can throw all the money at it that you want at any level but without fiscal responsibility, 3. AmTrak/Railroads have been subsidized by your tax dollars since 1910, don't you think they should be standing on their feet by now as it is with number 10. 2. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, who knew how disheveled they are and thanks to President Trump they are being overhauled, and the winner is: 1. The United States Postal Service, one can't say enough there! Oh yes, for Mr. Wizard in Sierraville, setting the record straight, AGAIN, in 1996, several U.S. states and municipalities began to see internet services as a potential source of tax revenue. In 1998 Internet, “The freedom act” halted the expansion of direct taxation of the Internet, grandfathering existing taxes in ten states. In the United States alone, some 30,000 taxing jurisdictions could otherwise have laid claim to taxes on a piece of the Internet.
SOCIALISM: “The Philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

Michael H. Welbourn

Submitted: 01/26/18
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