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Dick just told me he received a renewal notice - but I've misplaced the postcard. He is a long-term subscriber and would be lost without your paper.
One of the benefits of being married to Dick is that I get to share his “Booster.” We both enjoy the positive stories of real people and events in your area. It is uplifting, informative and heartwarming. A real antidote to our local paper's magnification of everything that has gone wrong in the world.
I tried to guess at what we would owe to renew his subscription for three years. I thought $0.60 for the paper plus $0.40 for postage, etc. So enclosed is our check for $156.00 for the next three years. Please let me know if this is not enough and I'll send any balance due forthwith!! If there is an overage, please donate it to the office coffee fund.
Thanks so much,
Sue Alvarez
Redwood City, CA
(Ed's note: We figure this is a lifelong subscription and even adds to the coffee fund, thanks to Sue and Dick!)

Hey, Trump voters. I suppose you really think this tax scam the Republicans are working on is going to help you. If you have been listening their aim is to eliminate the inheritance tax, the alternative minimum tax, and reduce the upper tax bracket as well as the corporate tax rate. Now, remember you hate deficit spending… or so you say. This will add 1.5 trillion to the debt. Huh! To do this you either cut spending or borrow. So when the United States is broke you same pikers will try to cut Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, ag subsidies, disaster relief. All those programs that help Americans. This huge tax cut will only benefit the multinationals and mega wealthy who apparently are not wealthy enough. Is America ready to return to the middle ages and fiefdoms? Pick your Lord, Bezos, Koch, Ivanka, Murdoch, Putin.
Don McKechnie

Letter to the Editor:
I woke up Tuesday morning Nov 28th turning on TV to see a commercial from Tom Steyer a billionaire hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, progressive activist, and fundraiser who wants to impeach a duly elected President of the United States because he does not like President Trump nor his policies and especially the President defending this Nation from domestic and foreign rogue dictators like Kim Jong-un, nut job of North Korea! Mr. Steyer appears to be another California socialist/communist in the same ranks as George Soros and so many more.
During WWII the a very young FBI went after spies, caught them and either shot or hung them. When WWII ended the FBI went after socialist/communist and those who were perpetuating socialism/communism in this country and the last to be hung was Julius and Ethel Rosenberg working for the Soviet Union were hung in June 1953 for espionage.
What is ironic about all the shootings and hangings of spies and those communist and treasonous men and women who worked against our Nation or were involved in espionage or practicing socialism/communism against the United States in the past. It would now appear that socialist/communist get a free ride in our society and now the same FBI and Justice Department is still investigating after one year a duly elected President of the United States using a corrupt special council due to a phony piece of paper they call a dossier (Russian collusion) written by a retired spy who manufactured phony evidence and proven to be phony and also perpetuated by a bunch of worthless liberal newspaper people who are ignoring the real treasonous acts against the United States by that of the Obama Administration and that of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband slick Willie in her “Pay for Play” and the Clinton Foundation in “Uranium One” and other Obama and Clinton scandals. She is still on that sickening and never ending book tour and talk shows lying her arrogant butt off about how she lost, get real Hillary and get a life.
The most ironic part of all this after WWII we have communist/socialist (Democrats) dully elected to both houses of Congress and one who is a registered Socialist and who does not hide it, Bernie Sanders who ran for the highest office in the land and wants to do so again!
There is a serious oxymoron that has taken place in this great Nation during and after WWII as it continues today, all the American people can hope for is that our fading Constitution and Bill of Rights can withstand these continued left wing Democrat socialist/communist attacks from the likes of Billionaire Steyer and Soros who made their fortunes in this country. If they are so displeased and disappointed with this country and want socialism/communism like the Soviet Union, then they should leave and join the likes of Alexey Mordashov, Vladimir Lisin, Gennady Timchenko, Alisher Usmanov and their comrade Putin who is reputed to be worth $200 billion, not bad for a KGB agent huh?
The Philosophy of the Democratic Party has always been to keep you poor, dependent on government, keep control of you, reduce or eliminate your freedom and freedom of speech, keeping you and yours in ignorance and that people is known as Socialism/communism!
Michael H. Welbourn

Dear Jan,
Everyone who lives in the area has a special restaurant or two in Sierra County, but in the late fall and winter many of the restaurants are closed. The day after Thanksgiving was a perfect fall day. We hiked in to Frazier Falls along with an amazing number of other people, then headed into Graeagle for lunch. To our surprise even though it was a major shopping day, most of Graeagle's restaurants were closed.
We found the Ohana Cafe, a small restaurant at the west end of Blairsden which specializes in fish and chips and hamburgers. Not everyone makes good sweet potatoes fries. Their's are excellent, as was everything else we ordered including fish and chips.
Also, there is nothing like a hot bowl of Sopa de Tortillos at Los Dos Hermanos on a wet, windy and very cold fall day. Both restaurants have been added to our list of special places.

California District 1 representative, Doug LaMalfa, has voted to repeal Obama care every time the Republicans have brought it to the floor. 298K children, 160K adults, 414K veterans all receive medical in this district. 72k receive food assistance. 137k fall below the poverty line in District 1. My granddaughter's insurance has gone from $300 a month of $700 a month and she will now lose her insurance. This is how LaMalfa takes care of his constituents.
LaMalfa, however, makes sure he gets his welfare aid and takes good care of himself. LaMalfa has received over 5 Million dollars to stop growing rice on his farms. He did not feel he was receiving subsidies for his single farm so he broke it up and put the different parts into his family members names so that he could receive subsidies for each of the broken-up parts. He is a member of the agriculture commission, the committee that decides what crops will receive subsidies. He can now sell his left over water allotment to someone in the south for a lot of money. He can also grow other crops and sell those as well. He is in the 1% of top rice subsidies recipients. Now on top of that he receives 116K in wages, a mustang Mach 1 car, per diem, and travel allowance. At the same time, he says state wages need to be overhauled. LaMalfa's comment to criticism of his farm welfare assistance was “get over it”. GOOD LOOKING OUT FOR YOU DISTRICT MR. LAMALFA!!!
Mona Uruburu
Janesville, CA 96114

Dear Folks,
Your great paper keeps “the friendship” going. I enjoy your knowing what my friends in the valley are still doing - lots of wonderful and good things!!
And did I have a nice visit here from Betty Folchi and Linda from Portola area. So special to have them visit. This fall they had a chance to see our country is one with the last of our nice falls (October weeks). And the paper is of course a special time each time it's in the mail box!

Dorothy Borneman
Gooding, Idaho

Submitted: 12/02/17
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