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Letters to the Editor

Subject: Fletcher Creek Group Water Rights

The situation is one that requires your attention!
The Sierra County Waterworks #1, Calpine has made a decision that will affect the adjudicated water rights of the balance of the Fletcher Creek rights holders.
Without contacting all the rights holders they have decided to give an unknown quantity of water (possibly as much as 20,000 gallons a day) to the Copren Five logging concern for as long as Five Years - to control logging road dust west of Calpine.
Calpine Waterworks District has a good quantity of 1st and 2nd Priority adjudicated rights to the Fletcher Creek flow, but other property holders also have 1st and 2nd rights, while others hold 2nd and 3rd, and even Surplus rights.
It is my understanding that the district has no right to act so that any other adjudicated user looses any part of their rights...
Previously, (since Fletcher Creek Reservoir was discontinued as Calpine's water supply) the only use of District water has been by the local Fire District, The U. S. Forest Service, and possibly CalFire for fire suppression and training.
I understand that "Adjudicated Water Rights" may not be transferred or sold without Water Resources Board or Court approval.
Please intervene in this improper action by the Sierra County Waterworks District #1!
Most Sincerely,
Russell Rosewood
Member of The Board
Sierra County Waterworks District #1 Calpine

Submitted: 10/20/17
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