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There are some distinct community concerns regarding the "ready to be approved" Copren Five Timber Harvest Plan on 484 acres, just west of Calpine.

1. What are the "Measurable Means" to assess the damage to our roads, prior to, during, and after the completion of this 5 year logging operation
A. Is/will the County be responsible for all repairs - or will the logging company?
B. What is the time frame for damage assessment, and how soon would repairs be made?

2. Who will assure the safety of logging travel through our community, between April 1st and November 15th (from before 7am, until after 5:30pm - Monday through Friday), for the next 5 years?

3. There are mis-statements regarding Copren Five THP water ownership and use for this project.
A. Copren Five, and it's owners have no water rights or adjudicated portion of Fletcher Creek or the Calpine Reservoir.
B. Regardless of Copren Five's claims of "Ownership and Control" of the hydrant that Sierra County Waterworks District 1 Calpine water flows through, they have no approval to use this water for 5 years of "dust control".
C. Fletcher Creek water has other adjudicated users that most likely want their full water allotment.
D. Our local Fire District has no ownership of Calpine Reservoir, nor the outflow at the hydrant. The Calpine Water District allows the use of this water for Fire District training purposes and emergency use. Except in a fire emergency, the Fire District is prohibited from using our "potable water" hydrants.
(Perhaps Mr. Copren, as a Director of the Fire District improperly believes that he can utilize water that isn't his to proffer.)
E. The logging planned to the sides, above, and below the Calpine Reservoir, and across Fletcher Creek (which runs through the lower logging zone) will be a detriment to the adjudicated flows and uses.

F. Who will be responsible for the remediation of the silting of the Calpine Reservoir and Fletcher Creek, as well as the other impacts stated in the THP (organic debris and chemical contamination)?

4. There is another access to the logging sites that use fires roads instead of community roads.

October 5th, 2017 is the latest date to submit your concerns to the: All "re: the Copren Five THP

Fire Practice Program Manager (530)224-2445
6105 Airport Road Redding CA 96002

Calif. Water Quality Board
Justin Lanier (530)224-2050

Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
Sarah Lose (916)358-2853

Calif. Geological Survey
Don Lindsay (530)224-9312

Jon Woessner (530)224-2438

Thank You for caring about Calpine! Please fwd this to all who would care...
Russell Rosewood
Leroy Miller

Hi Jan,
Love getting my bi-weekly update from you. You do SUCH a GREAT job! Enclosed is renewal for 3 years; keep up the good work.
Nellannn Kurtz

Plain message to the NFL

I enjoyed football at one time, but over the years seeing the direction the NFL was leaning I began to withdraw from the sport and now without a shadow of doubt an unfortunate reality has come to fruition.
I see no professional owners or players, I see spoiled, self-indulgent individuals with a narcissistic personality disorder who know neither patriotism for Country, Anthem or Flag.

Narcissistic personality disorder-abridged version: “An over inflated opinion of one's own self-importance” or “God's gift to the world in plain English” just like the Hollyweird elite!Point in fact, are any of these college boys gone professional intellectual giants, most can say ugh and assemble two or more words outside of football jargon as they try to define their patriotism to whatever cause each one may be thinking in kneeling. Make no mistake, football is no longer a sport, it is a business and industry and business should be business and politics, politics. When businesses or industries screw there customer i.e. the American people they should be held accountable and for their disrespectful actions to you as the customer in spreading their rhetoric and insinuating hate for America in their display and actions.
These supposedly grown men including team owners look at themselves as crusaders, hero's, leaders, role models, actually thinking they deserve respect for kneeling, given their comments toward the duly elected President, absolutely amazing! Do these team owners and players take an oath that states: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States” there is more but you get my point. Very few of these men served their country or mustered the honor, courage, duty or find the patriotism or self-respect to do so. I have always been a strong proponent that one should be required to serve in the Armed Services and believe it more than ever now watching these anal-retentive, entitled debilitating buttercups, it might have turned them into men. As a Veteran, my recommendation is to keep your politics to yourself, give the people what they are paying billions of dollars for and NO, these fans don't deserve it, they pay for it!
What are the owners and players getting in return for all this disrespect to you and our country, billions of your tax payer dollars through Federal exemptions to build and or maintain stadiums.
WHERE is their gratitude, patriotism and respect to the American tax payer let alone our country for pay-
ing for all this that they the NFL owners and teams now enjoy?
At the time of writing the aforementioned, there appears to be a hurricane on the horizon as change in attitude among some owners and players and I can guarantee you it has nothing to do with getting lessons in patriotism or changing their minds. All signs lean towards Alan Jones a native Cleveland, Tennessean, a major TV sponsor of the NFL in ads and founder of “Check Into Cash.”
The change in attitude by owners and players was instant! Their flagrant disrespect turned into backtracking and it seems to be as a direct result of panic reading between the lines in that their largest of NFL TV ad sponsor, the Ford Motor Company like Mr. Jones was probably next not to mention that maybe the government might have been looking into their role in tax exemptions? I personally would like to see by some miracle someone step in and stop the stupidity that is the Federal Government funding these exemptions, but as long as the American people want their weekend fix and that of Monday night football, minus the politics, there we will be no change.
These owners and players in their new found patriotism, casting off their public, cavalier, surly and disrespectful attitude to this country and their fans/viewers and the ill will against the President of the United States for calling their narcissistic asses out shows every sign of just how powerful the dollar bill is and we all should know there is no vaccine or miracle cure for lack of patriotism in changing their minds so quickly as they watch their revenue decline, funny how that works out.
The American people will circum as they usually do in matters such as this, forgive and forget, as they themselves become cavalier in thought and memory fade along with your tax dollars through government exemptions.
OH YES, the NFL will do everything in their power to earn you're trust again, still taking your dollars with NO change in their mindset either by owner or player and eventually white wash this to the point that you the fan will be standing up once again and say: That's my team! I think old Earl Pits would say: Wake up Amurica! Pitts off! I would agree!
Michael H. Welbourn
Loyalton, CA

Submitted: 10/06/17
Article By: not specified