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Letters to the Editor

September 23rd letters

In response to “Call Me A Racist:”
Pete, you are a racist. Me too, Pal.
I only wish I had a talent to defend myself, with such great words.
That, my friend, was a declaration of independence, from race baiting, political junkies.
“Go ahead, call me a racist, if you must,....the words mean nothing to me any more.”
Amen Brother.
Martin King implored us all to judge by character;
Racy stuff doesn't seem to show much of that, does it?
You can call me a racist if you must, but damn it, not on Sunday, during football season.
At least give me one day, to be free, to root for the hoome team, without being called a baaad word.
Ed Laurie

Hillary Clinton's Fiction/Fantasy
If you were not convinced that Hillary Clinton should not be sitting in the White House and was a terrible choice for president with the release of her book, even those Democrats that voted for President Trump now agree at this point it would have been horrific had she won!
As you know Hillary has a new book out, not only is this women not capable of excepting responsibility for herself but those who worked for her. Robert E. Mook was Clintons campaign manager, trust me, don't think for one minute she didn't control every aspect of her campaign as she is a genuine control freak.
The following is just the tip of the iceberg as to who or what she blames for her loss: Sexism, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, FBI, James Comey, Russians, Vladimir Putin, Wikileaks, Guccifer, DC leaks, Jill Stein, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Anthony (Can't keep something in my pants) Weiner, Electoral College - to which she wants to get rid of, polling data, cable news, New York Times, fake news, Bots, Facebook, Twitter, Steve Bannon, voter ID laws, Chief Justice John Roberts, Netflix, anti-American forces, Democrat Documentaries, low information voters – other words stupid people or people wanting change, she further blames people who assume she would win, Republican Party, content farms in Macedonia which is basically the World Wide Web, suburban house women, TV executives, Infowars which is a news group, Kansas's Secretary of State Kris
Kobach, Citizens United, colluding Trump officials, Fox News, and that of her own Democratic Party and believe it or not she also blames the forty forth President of the United States, the very own Constitution shredder in chief, Barack Hussein Obama.
I am not sure if anyone has read Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 set in the future where Guy Montag is a fireman, where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction and where firemen start fires rather than put them out.
Given the nature of this read and in how she lost and her excuses, her book is for the most serious of liberals as it is filled with fiction, fantasy, ego, entitlement syndrome, self-indulgence and delusional psychiatric problems that no psychologist in their right mind would want to take on! Bottom line, this women definitely falls under EGOMANIA! Definition: “Obsessive preoccupation with one's self and applies to someone who follows their own ungoverned impulses and is possessed by delusions of personal greatness and feels a lack of appreciation.”
After having read the book and I hope many Conservatives and even moderates do so, there are no words that could say how much I appreciate my civic duty and responsibility, my honor and my right to do ones duty and that is to vote and I thank God every day that President Donald J. Trump is our forty fifth President of the United States of America.
As to Fahrenheit 451, four hundred and fifty one degrees is the temp to which paper begins to burn, so since I don't believe in any kind of destruction of any form of literature or book burning unlike our free speech hating liberals, snowflakes and liberal socialist Democrats while they tear down statues and try to alter/rewrite our American History, so I bundled the book up and seriously mailed it to the Smithsonian Institution/Museum, with a personal note inside that reads, “Please file this book under Fiction, Fantasy or Comedy.”
Michael H. Welbourn
Loyalton, CA

MORE INFORMATION on the Sierraville School photo on the June 2017, Volume 67, Number 17 issue:
John Blinman (my paternal 2nd great grandfather), his wife, Mary Coles Blinman, and two sons left Wales to come to the U.S. in about 1850. After a stop in Pennsylvania, they became U.S. citizens in 1857 and then sailed to the Isthmus of Panama, crossed the Isthmus on foot, then sailed on another ship to California. The family settled in Sierra County, California in an area that became Sierraville.
The remains of their Blinman Ranch is still there.... or was on my last visit in 1995. The ranch was owned by their son Frederick George Blinman and his wife Maria (Johnson) Blinman. Frederick and a close friend of his, Linus Dolley, were very active, well known businessmen in Sierraville.
Linus Dolley was married to Frederick Blinman's sister, Amelia Matilda Blinman. Among the students in the photo published in your paper are Charles and John Blinman (born in 1879 & 1880 respectively)..... Frederick Blinman's oldest sons and my great uncles. Also in that photo are two of Linus Dolley's sons, Edward and Fred Dolley (born in 1879 & 1881).
An interesting (to me anyway) aside, is that the "Brick Store", the first brick building constructed in the Sierra Valley was owned and operated in turn by Linus Dolley and Frederick Blinman. The building was still standing in Sierraville when I last visited there and was called "Pop's Trading Post".
The remains of several members of the Blinman family, including John and Mary, are buried up on the hill in the old Sierraville Cemetery.
David Blinman
Castle Rock, CO 80108

Submitted: 09/26/17
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