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Letters to the Editor

September 7, 2017

Dear Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to say farewell to the citizens and employees of Sierra County. I have accepted a position with the State of California in Sacramento and will be leaving the Sheriff's Office. While I look forward to new opportunities and challenges in my career, it is bittersweet to leave these communities where I have developed close ties over the past 12 years.
I started my career in law enforcement in Sierra County, and my wife and I started our family in Sierra County. We have lived on the east and west sides of the county, and been able to enjoy the beauty that Sierra County has to offer for many years. I have wonderful memories that I will take with me of family time here, as well as great working relationships with colleagues in the Sheriff's Office, CHP, U.S. Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife and Fire departments.
My last day with Sierra County Sheriff's Office was Friday, August 25th. I regret that I did not have a chance to say goodbye to many of you personally, but I am thankful for the opportunities to work with you and for you over the years. It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Sierra County, and I look forward to staying in touch.
I can be reached at sierracountyboyd@gmail.com.
Matt Boyd

Response to Hey Trump Voters
I address the same o'l same o'l hypocrisy from the usual vacant wiffle ball thinking liberal in Sierraville who lacks the basics of politics, knowledge or skills before, during and after an election and there is no doubt he is a prominent graduate of CNN University especially when he specifically writes without intellectual prowess but spews his usual liberal animosity.
He wrote and I quote: “The first rule of democracy is the no-violence Rule,” WOW, there's an oxymoron for you given all the violence in colleges, universities, cities and streets across America and by who, you got it, liberals and liberal socialist democrats and their understudies snowflake students from Berkley to NYU who can't except the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.
These very same people have caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to private property, cities, county, state and federal complexes.
His comment: “Democracies use words instead of fist,” Well yet another WOW, given the thousands who have been hurt and or hospitalized by these peace loving liberal socialist demonstrators, rioters putting their best foot forward showing just how tolerant they really are.
The man from Sierraville writes: (I want my politicians to know something about economics). Actual meaning: How to give your shit away including your money to others as long as everyone is equal.
(On Foreign policy.) Actual meaning: Let's give another $33.6 billion to Iran to help them build nuclear weapons and foster terrorism around the world while our embassy in Benghazi is overrun and blames everyone but themselves.
(On Families) Actual meaning: YES, it takes a village to raise your children plus billions of dollars and lets enroll them in those failed socialist liberal programs
and let's let the State raise the children and strip them

from fiscally, morally, ethical and responsible parents, GOD forbid they become Conservative!
(On the Environment.) Actual meaning: Can't we all just eat dirt and let's keep the Paris Climate Agreement that will stall economic growth in the United States for another ten plus years while China celebrates in un-bridled economic growth and superiority over the United States. Throw me a hickory nut will ya yule!
(Comment as to your guy only knows about himself.) Well this is one Conservative that is happy and proud this President knows who he is: President Trump is not ashamed of being successful, self-made, patriot, an abundance of self-esteem and confidence, taking the moral and ethical high ground, taking pride in everything he does along with his drive all equals being accomplished, all attributes of which the previous president, a socialist liberal community organizer could never achieve such heights and I'm still trying to get that foul tasting name out of my mouth.
In my diatribe of his aforementioned what I would like to see in my politicians/his comments or way of thinking: That is how liberals think, anything to get into your pocket/money/prosperity, taking your freedom, your way of life, your individuality, your moral and ethical fiber and more over taking your independence and that of your self-esteem.
I would love to find the rock from which this delusional purveyor of whimsical story telling crawled out from under, perhaps this individual came from Munchkinville a mythical town where retired clowns live side by side with tiny mythical people, (No offense to clowns or tiny mythical people) my one second of being politically correct, WHOOPS times up!
It is obvious this man does not live in the real world, so have fun Don as you go down the path of Hi Ho, Hi Ho it's off to Liberal Land we go!
"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian."
Michael H. Welbourn, Loyalton, CA

Call Me a Racist
Call me a racist if you must…
Because I believe quotas have outlived their usefulness, do more harm than good, and reward should be based solely upon proven performance with no regard for race, gender or religion.
Call me a racist if you must…
Because I see nothing wrong with President Trump's handling of the Charlottesville event where he condemned all acts of bigotry, hatred and violence.
Call me a racist if you must...
Because I believe using violence in support of a cause, worthy or not, should be condemned and face the full measure of the law.
Call me a racist if you must...
Because I'm tired of being blamed for the sins of my forefathers from generations far removed even though I personally and consistently condemn such egregious behavior.
Call me a racist if you must...
Because I don't agree with the removal of American symbols reminding us of our nation's historical past, warts and all.
Go ahead, call me a racist if you must...
The word means little to nothing to me anymore.
Through your flagrant abuse for political and personal gain, a once powerfully effective verbal tool has been weakened, if not squandered, forever. Your desperation and appallingly weak ability to dialog on the facts have led you down the path of threats, insults, name-calling and violence.
Dare I Say, call me a fellow American instead, with a shared culture, language and love for the USA.
Pete Stiglich
Cottonwood, CA

Submitted: 09/12/17
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