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This June 24th weekend I had the absolute pleasure to visit Loyalton for a reunion of the graduating classes of 1972 and 1973. It was a TRIP down memory lane for sure. Such a blast. I got to see so many friends and classmates and reminisce. I was part of a committee to put all the wheels in motion so everyone attending had a seamless, wonderful event. It went off without a hitch! We had a small get together at the Golden West on Friday night and then a brunch at the Museum on Saturday morning from 10am to Noon. We all loved touring the museum as most of us (at least for the 1972 class) started Kindergarten there and left after 6th grade with Mr. Gwinn to head off to High School for 7th Grade. Yes 7th Grade was at the high school then. Middle School Classrooms now filled with historical memorabilia. Each room brought so many memories. It was amazing. The bathrooms were so cool too. LOL. They looked even better now. What a great restoration of everything. I cannot imagine any other purpose for this building. I fell in love.
We all had some free time from Noon to 3pm. Some went up to the Golden West, some did some touring around, some visiting friends and family. Then we all met up again at Annie Belli Fassbender's for refreshments, a lovely meal and dessert. A great time was had by all. I think we had about 42 total attendees.
As I mentioned I was one of the committee members (it takes a village) and one of my contributions was to create a memory board for those classmates we have lost. I spent at least a couple of months reviewing our Senior Year book copying pictures, etc. I think I may have worn out the pages! The Editor, Chris Berg, (unfortunately he was unable to attend but sent a very nice message for his classmates) did such a great job on the 1972 Echo. He had a wonderful dedication page. Please let me tell you what it said. "Dedication. The Echo Staff takes great pleasure in dedicating the 1972 Yearbook to the fine members of the City Council of Loyalton and the Planning Commission of Loyalton who worked so hard to get the swimming pool and park for the youth of Sierra Valley." Imagine my heartbreak when I went out to the pool/park only to find out POOL CLOSED. What?????? Such a sad note to end such a wonderful weekend. So sorry efforts of those fine City Council members and Planning Commission are of no value now.
But thanks to all who allowed us to visit Loyalton again 45 years later.
Sherry Lindgren Bahlman

Dear Jan,
What fun the 4th of July parade was! It was a scene of Americana to see the street full of little American flags, and red, white and blue balloons.
One thing I did notice was some confusion about honoring the American flag.
FGI: The general rule for honoring our flag at a function like a parade where several American flags will be passing is to STAND with your right hand over your heart (or if military a formal salute) for the first American flag passing ( generally carried by a color guard), but you may stay seated for any subsequent flags.
An exception to that rule is any time the American Anthem is being played you will also need to stand and salute.
One more note, wasn't that 4-H entry just the best?
Sandi Kendall

Looks like our beautiful town in the mountains, Sierraville, got a small taste of single payer. Mother Nature came through last winter and gave a serious blow to Hwy 89. There was a lot of damage. It was bad. But, those socialists in Sacramento and Washington got right on the problem and hired a great local contractor who got to work and made the whole thing better. The highway shoulders were repaired, the drainage system was be rebuilt, and driveways were made better as well as the contractor made some money and his employees had winter jobs. The best part of this it was paid for by taxpayers in the wealthy counties (do not tell them) Marin, Alameda, San Diego. What a deal. Now if we could apply single payer to our health care system. How great would that be????
Don McKechnie

Submitted: 07/13/17
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