Letters to the Editor

6/1/17 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor
It was good to go to the Loyalton City Council meeting May 16th 2017. It brought back the memories of ten years ago when the committees were working the Loyalton General Plan. A time when the local no growth groups with their Sattley Group fought any aspect of growth. When one “Rancher” was so fearful of developers taking his “Ranch” that he begged money from a benefit to fend off the villain developers, well he did a great job, there are none! Then you had the Sattley group filming Fernley NV showing how it was being destroyed, now ten years later with Tesla, Google and more adding thousands of jobs and a new connector freeway, the USA parkway and Fernley are doing fine. In the past ten years Loyalton struggles to maintain a place to eat, no bank, loss of the Hotel (which had many of possibilities), no swimming pool, no Barber Shop, Sierra County's Trailer park in shambles, owing Loyalton hundreds of thousands of dollars for water and sewer and exploding fees for a failed and closing garbage pit. Then we lost the Co-Gen and just at election time for District 3 the big plan for jobs from the California University was put out in an emergency press release at the Golden West, only talk, nothing happened, no deal, no jobs and the dead skeleton of the mill remains. Instead of leadership for all, Sierra County has failed Loyalton, only to promote the greed of the west side $100,000.00 dollar club, either with wages or retirements. With a thriving economy like Fernley's jobs are there for all, in Loyalton jobs are Mom & Pop style, (Thank God for those), the rest are tax burden. A couple years ago the failed Board of Supervisors Chair stated Sierra County is a Welfare County and could not survive without the state. I am sure he is right, the way it is ran, with the biggest employer being the County, and the county employees fearing for their
jobs, they keep voting the same failed west side 3 for the Board.
Summary: Loyalton's General Plan supported by the High Sierra Rural Alliance and the county's failed planner, with his sheep, is a failure, to past, present and future connected to Loyalton. The ones with their fingers in the cookie jar just want to take out cookies and not provide jobs to replace the cookies; they should be ashamed and work to bring change for a successful future for Loyalton, instead of the greed to show how great they are. Ten years show the proof of the failed no growthers, look at main street. Please check what the wages and retirements cost Sierra County and where does the money come from?
Thomas A. Dotta

Think an Auto Care Career is Only Vehicle Repair?
Think Again
Dear Editor,
When people think of the auto care industry, vehicle repair often comes to mind. The truth is that this dynamic industry is comprised of over 500,000 businesses, including manufacturers, distributors, parts stores and repair shops, and employs over 4.5 million people in a wide variety of roles.
Career fields in the auto care industry include accounting, customer service, engineering, finance, human resources, inventory management, manufacturing, marketing, research and development, retail, sales, sourcing, supply chain, technical support, training, vehicle repair and more.
The Auto Care Careers online resource center (www.autocarecareers.org) features a robust job board that directly connects auto care industry companies with qualified job candidates.
Job seekers can set up a free profile, upload a resume for viewing by potential employers, choose to make it confidential, designate military status and re

ceive email alerts of new job postings. Employers will find easy online job management, a new downloadable recruitment guide and resume searching access with email notifications when new resumes are posted matching select criteria.
To learn more, visit www.autocarecareers.org or follow Auto Care Careers on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
Courtney Hammer
Director, Job and Career Development
Auto Care Association
(301) 654-6664, ext. 1067

Trump voters. Ya gotta be proud. Your man fired the FBI director who was investigating his links to Russian hacking and at almost the same time he was laughing with Russian diplomats while in the White house doing a Russian photo op (our press was banned). Today he is hob hobnobbing in the heart of Islam, Saudi Arabia. These are the Kings and Princelings that financed the 9-11 Terrorist attack, hatred for the west, and are brutal dictators. Oh yea! Your guy seems to like dictators. You know none of this because you are informed by Fox News.
Don McKechnie

Submitted: 06/05/17
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