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Letters to the Editor

CC&R's in Sierra Brooks


The never ending saga of the CC&R's in Sierra Brooks seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Unable to gain approval for the proposed revisions of both the CC&R's and Bylaws, the Board of Directors is at a loss as to how to proceed. And, instead of guidance, the Board has offered up several potential dire outcomes resulting from the seeming complacency of the membership. Consequently, the question arises, 'is there a way out of this mess?'

I would answer yes. Though the existing CC&R's contain provisions concerning the developer, the claim that because of these inclusions the rules must be scrapped in their entirety is false. Also false is the claim that the developer wrote the CC&R's merely for the purpose of selling the properties, which, of course, was the point, but how does that not work for current owners? Much of the impetus behind stricter rules is the belief that they will maintain property values, i.e. resale value. If, however, the original document did just that, why not stick with it? Remove references to the developer and be done.

We do not need the nightmare experienced by residents of California Pines as revealed by Keith Nielson in the April 6, 2017 Booster. Nor should we have to experience the scare-tactic scenarios outlined in the latest missive from the Board. Furthermore, residents of Sierra Brooks should not have to conform to extreme and excessive cookie-cutter-rules created by lawyers for dense, developer built communities.

The choice is still ours or we would not have had the opportunity to vote. I have voted no to the new, and see no reason why we cannot stay the course with the old.

Karen Steingrebe

Submitted: 05/03/17
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