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Sierra Brooks' CC&

Hi Jan

I would like to congratulate Gary and Karen Steingrebe of Sierra Brooks. In your 3-9-17 paper, I read what they said regarding their CC&Rs being changed. They actually took the time to read and had the intelligence to understand for what they were voting before doing it.

Similarly, change has happened in the recent past of the California Pines Property Owners Association of which I am familiar. It is not the one near you but is close to your “Sister City Alturas” north of you in Modoc County. Some may remember Eric Estrada pitching that new “paradise” years ago. People were flown to Reno and bussed there so they could pick their property and have a good time - all for free.

Those properties are now on life support. I was in Alturas last summer. The real estate market is flat. The Modoc Title Company that was there since the 1800's was closed. You have to go to Redding (120 mi away) if you need title company services.

Real Estate Agents aren't interested in listing properties in California Pines. The properties are piling up unsold on tax sales, and local people are not willing to accept California Pines Property free of charge from friends wanting to dump them.

Meanwhile the leaders of the California Pines Property Owners Association may be now targeting owners of multiple properties that owe them money. The POA determines what they think is owed. They send out one big bill. Last year, if not paid, the Association turned the bills over to a person named Spencer of the collection agency Weber & Associates, PO. Box 191143, Newbury Park, CA 91319 to get the money for them. Weber & Associates' phone number is (855)499-7009 if you wish to verify.

If the property owners don't respond or pony up in 30 days, they may receive nasty calls from the debt collectors, their credit rating may take a hit, and Weber might even sell their house out from under them to get the money plus a big collection fee if able. The state doesn't care enough to protect the individual property owners as other states have done. Unlike many other states, California doesn't license debt collectors.

If the California Pines Property Owners Association can clear the larger debts successfully in this manner, there is nothing stopping them from collecting little fines imposed on members using the same procedure in the future.

Sierra Brooks could be unwittingly heading in the same direction.

Keith Nielson
Salt Lake City

Submitted: 03/29/17
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