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Sierra Valley pioneer descendants


Thank you for running my letter asking for input from Sierra Valley pioneer descendants several weeks ago. So far, I have received good response to it, hearing from a number of folks interested in the project. I still have a huge number of names that need more work. I recognize that many are probably “dead ends;” people who were here only a short time and left, but many are also likely to be related in one way or another to families that are still in the Valley or were up to a short time ago. If you have the space, I would appreciate it if you could run the list of names below. Also, there are variations on some of the spellings, so if a name looks close, it may likely be related. Some of these are found in the 1882 History of Plumas, Lassen & Sierra Counties, the 1906 Guinn Biographies of the Sierra, and various publications by historical societies and family members done over the years, but I am still hoping for further material to clear up conflicting information, as well as any historical photos of these people as well as places and activities in the Valley. Again, these are only some of the names I am seeking information for. I have many more, and encourage any one out there that has information on their families going back in Sierra Valley history to contact me.
Thanks again, and happy holidays.
Scott Lawson, 530-283-6106, 530-283-5413; email: pcmuseum@psln.com.

Albee, Badenoch (Badenaugh), Bates, Battelle, Belli, Bishop, Blatcheley, Blinman, Bobo, Burney, Buxton, Caligari, Carroll, Chandler, Clendenin, Cobb, Cramer, D'Andrea, Dearwater, Dolley, Doom, Dorrey, Dory, Dwinelle, Ealamini, Ebright, Farnsworth, Fenstermaker, Flaherty, Fletcher, Flint, Fox, Freeman, Gates, Genasci, Ghidossi, Giblin, Gibson, Gloster, Grandi, Guidici (particularly in Sierra County), Hamlen, Hamlin, Hardin, Hathaway, Heriot, Himes, Howk, Hubbard, Humphrey, Jenkins, Joy, Keeney, Kerby, Keyes, Knudsen, Knuthson, Laffranchini, Lothrop, Lebroke, Legrove, Lemmon, Lewis (as in Lewis Mills), Lipscombe, Lombardi, Loosley, Maddalena, Madden, Maddux, Mamlock, Mapes, Marble, Martinetti, Mathews, McElroy, McFarlane, McKee, Merckle, Mickey, Moffitt, Mondor, Mullen, Newman, Norton, Parish, Pasquetti, Patterson, Peck, Pedrini, Perry, Ponci, Pool, Raine, Rees, Riley, Roberts, Rosseau, Routson, Rowden, Rowland, Russell, Schroeder, Sigler, Simes, Simms, Sobrio, Solari, Stiner, Strang, Summers, Thomas, Tognazzini, Toomy, Treasure, Trosi, Villemur, Webber, Weston, Wherity, Wood.

Submitted: 12/29/16
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