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12/1/2016 Letters

Dear Editor;
It is great to see it was a landslide for President elect Trump in Sierra County over the establishment corrupt machine. With so many seeing the need for reform and removal of the corrupt ones, we can only hope that until the State of Jefferson is complete, we in Sierra County will drain the swamp in Downieville. The same clear thinkers that voted for Trump can vote to remove the west side three. Then the taxpayers can see change, jobs will be welcome, opposed to California welfare, growth will not be evil. I wish to thank God and the many great Sierra County voters that see that we need direction change. Please support the State of Jefferson the same, as that is the only real way our rural votes will count. The cities can have their lifestyle and we can have ours.
Thomas Dotta

Dear Jan,
On behalf of the Family Resource Center, we wanted to publically thank some people who have donated their time and energy to helping us, help our community.
First, we would like to thank Mr. Mark Smeltzer, for raking and cleaning our yard at the center. Mark has put in many hours, over the last two weeks, making our yard presentable! Our curb appeal is greatly improved.
Next, from Loyalton High School, Mrs. Nunes' Leadership Class has chosen to partner with the Family Resource Center in fundraising and helping us with projects. The students and Mrs. Nunes, along with Aide, Katie Campbell, stopped by on Tuesday, November 22nd to help with more yard work!
We greatly appreciate everyone's generosity and want our community to know how grateful we are for their contribution to our center!
Tammy Muldoon, Director,
Cathy Morrell, Family Outreach Coordinator, and Kathi Bertagnolli, Alternative Resource Coordinator

The real strategy of Democrats
behind having a recount
In this recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania this is highly unlikely to change the outcomes in any of the States returns. No recount has ever changed thousands of votes ever, NOT that they didn't try in Florida with the hanging chad that we recall all too well. So why are the Democrats up to this and who is really behind this, George Soros the well-known socialist/communist billionaire funder of move on.org and occupy wall street etc. who spends hundreds of millions of dollars in this Country trying to overthrow our Nation and yet nothing seems to happen with him either? One thing to be considered he is probably helping to fund this recount along with those foreign investors dumping millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation in the “Paid to Play” scam/scheme had Hillary Clinton been elected, I would think they would want their money back! Anyone who thought Clinton would go quietly into the night after this election you are seriously delusional. Question: How did she get the Green Party who she is obviously in league with, a bunch of liberal greenies that would have you eating moss, bark, veggies and tofu instead of eating beef and if they had their way you would be using Fred Flintstone type of transportation which would improve Nike sales get involved with Clinton since the Green Party has never had any creditable or relevant tally or vote count in support of their presidential candidates EVER! These recounts if done by hand, which can be demanded, will take longer than the last day for completing the official counts in a state and directing Electoral College voters and no doubt all 3 states will probably miss the deadline, Donald J. Trump having 260 and the very corrupt Hillary Clinton 232 in other words no one hits 270. For those who are unaware what happens next if that should fail then this goes to Congress with each one of the fifty state delegations casting one vote, House vote elects Donald J. Trump, and Senate selects Pence. Has this ever happened before, yes, 1824, 1876, 1888 and 2000.
If this should go to the House and Senate, the result will be the same as from the Electoral College without the recount so why do it? So what are the Democrats trying to accomplish, you have to look at this from a Democrats point of view, this would in the eyes of a Democrat make Donald J. Trumps election look illegitimate because the Democrats would rather elect a president by a popular vote and NOT the Electoral College. As of this election there has already been a bill introduced to Congress for said removal of the Electoral College which would have to be ratified by 2/3 of the States etc, etc, etc. NOT going to happen!
According to the election and the pollsters, Donald Trump did not win the popular vote “he lost by over 2.1 million so were told” and another question should be asked how many out of that supposed 2.1 million popular votes cast for Clinton Hillary were cast by illegals since the incompetent commander in chief now occupying the White House just one month ago in an interview on TV encouraged illegals to vote! If you did not see that little bit of history disregarding and a completely un-Constitutional action and disrespect for the law, look it up on the web or listen to him on YouTube. I don't think you will find any illegals voting for a Republican, really can't say for sure though??
Given what we have been watching on TV, reading on the web or hearing on the radio about all these riots I am sure you can be certain a lot of these rioters didn't vote and no doubt being illegals would obviously reduce the claim or legitimacy of her even receiving the popular vote if they knew who the illegals were. Our government can trace a cow with mad cow disease all the way back to Canada from California but they can't seem to find any illegals. The election process in this country like so many problems and issues are broken along with our infrastructure which has not seen improvement since Dwight David Eisenhower's Presidency. The States need to clean up their election process and prove the legitimacy of any voter. In the final analysis since we control both houses of Congress and will into the next year and beyond, should this go to Congress and or during this process come to pass, President elect Donald J. Trump will become the forty fifth President of the United States by members of his own party since we have control of both houses and can only hope they
will act like Republicans and do their job in support
of the “Forty Fifth President!”
Michael H. Welbourn
Loyalton, CA

Dear Jan,
As you know, I am researching and compiling information, photos, and other material for a book on the history of Sierra Valley that I hope to complete within the coming year. It is an ambitious project, and at this point I have well over 600 pages of material, which I plan to condense to a manageable and readable product. I am writing your paper to ask you to print this letter so that I might be able to reach any folks out there that are members of the pioneer families of Sierra Valley. I have already made some very fruitful contacts, among them Tom Dotta, Bill Copren, Clare Filipinni, Ted Ramelli, Gary France, Betty Dellera, Andy Genasci, Elia Miles, the late Emilio Folchi and Don Guidici and a number of other folks, like ranch hands, renters, and people just interested in history. There are a number of others on my “to do” list, but I know there are a good many more out there that I am not yet aware of. I would like to be able to contact as many family descendants as possible to ensure that my information is correct and also to see if there is any material out there that has not already appeared in print elsewhere. Of course, I am still using material that is familiar to some, as there have been numerous other works on Sierra Valley, but none as comprehensive as I am trying to do. As daunting as this project seems, it has been a real pleasure meeting and talking with all the great folks I have so far contacted. If there are any people out there interested in contributing to my effort, please contact me any time. My information is below. Sincerely,
Scott Lawson
530-283-6106 530-283-5413 530-386-2205

Submitted: 12/01/16
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