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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor and Sierra County Community Members,
A few weeks ago, I wrote to thank an amazing group of people who planned, designed and built our county's exhibit for the fair. Now, I would like to acknowledge the following awesome volunteers who took the time out of their busy schedules and traveled to Sacramento to talk about our beautiful county at the California State Fair: Lee Adams, Stuart Lauters, Larry Breed, Stacey Estrada, Michelle Anderson, Olivia McCaffrey, Sandi Kendall, Kaaren Smith, Jan Koettel, Christie Brzyscz, Derek Beverly, Rich Nourse, Mary Nourse, Earl Withycombe, Lynette Shumway, Ann Hutchison, Dave Hutchison, Nora Prince, Sandy Loving, Ross Gordon, Pam Gordon, Dave Marshall, Carol Marshall, Enid Williams, Kay Gasson, Bruce Palmer, Colicia Palmer, Greg Bostrom, Docia Bostrom, Pat Lawrence, Mike Galan, and Karen Galan. Many thanks goes to our efficient breakdown crew who worked late into the night on Sunday after the fair closing and then again on Monday: Mike Galan, Karen Galan, Greg Bostrom, Docia Bostrom, Charles Ervin, Bryan Davey, Mary Davey, Hunter Davey and his friend, Parker, Mark Panelli, Bruce Barsotti and Ross Gordon. Thank you so much, all of you, for your hard work in planning, creating, building, staffing and disassembling the exhibit. Again, I wish to thank Pam Gordon and Greg Bostrom for designing our beautiful exhibit which was enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors who attended the fair. We all worked hard for that gold ribbon and we certainly deserved it! It was a pleasure working with all of you and look forward to next year.
Until then,
Mary Ervin, President
Sierra County Chamber of Commerce

Dear Potential Buyer,
My name is Katie Butterfield. The past eight years of my life has been dedicated to raising a hog for my local county fair. In total, I have raised nine hogs with this year bringing me to double digits! I belong to Treasure Mountain 4-H and for the past four years, including this one, I have helped new 4-H members learn how to raise great market hogs, how to show a pig, as well as other life lessons by being my clubs Swine Teen Leader!
The Plumas Sierra County Fair is held in Quincy, California from Wednesday, August 10th to Sunday the 14th. Ron and I will be participating in the 4-H Senior Showmanship and Market on Wednesday at 8:30am in the Livestock Pavilion. Wednesday is Ron's time to shine! And your time to come and watch him and the rest of the hogs! Please come and watch all the hogs that Plumas and Sierra counties have to offer! If you miss the shows on Wednesday, you still have the opportunity to be a part of the 2016 Plumas Sierra Junior Livestock Auction! The Buyer's Breakfast begins

at 8am and the auction starts at 9am. Come and show your support for all the exhibitors! To be a buyer, arrive on Sunday the 14th before 9am and receive a bidding number. Information about all of the livestock being auctioned will be given and at 9am the Grand Champions are sold first! To get more information about the auction or other events at the Plumas Sierra County Fair visit www.plumas-sierracountyfair.net or look at the front pages of an Exhibitor's Guide! Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope to see you at the Plumas-Sierra County Fair!
Ron is a Duroc, and Duroc's are usually recognized by their red skin and fur, as well as floppy ears. Ron is fed Showmaster Grower-Finisher feed. As of July 23rd, Ron weighed 240 pounds. In order to keep his weight within the desired range, and his muscles healthy, we go for a 30-45 minute walk every night.
Katie Butterfield

Two new residents for Loyalton:
Hubert Alber and son, Hans, visited the museum for the first time the other day. Upon meeting new visitors I often ask them where they come from. The men both replied "not far"....matter of fact they had just purchased Edith Snider's house. This house sits directly across the street from the old school.
Both of them commented they had decided to move from Truckee as it was getting quite expensive and congested to live there. Also they desired a more peaceful setting like Loyalton which did fit their bill of goods.
Hubert later remarked to me that the best thing about purchasing the Snider's house was that it included a garage---I was wondering his reasoning in regards to the "garage thing." Hubert remarked that in 1973 he immigrated from Austria and had never had a garage to park his vehicles in.
Ernie Teague
Volunteer, Loyalton Museum

Getting the truth out
Talk about NOT getting your facts straight again which is the norm from a certain liberal and his comments in the July 28th 2016 edition of the Mountain Mess entitled “Be Brave.” I am not in the habit nor do I think it prudent to make mention of an article written in another local newspaper and ask that this rebuttal be placed in this newspaper but this one really got my attention and I am usually allowed to express the truth in a longer version than in the other local paper. What we have here is the usual empty well/void, lack of knowledge and facts of this ethically and mentally bankrupt individual. My god does his lack of intellect or dribble ever run dry and I refer to the very liberal socialist Don McKechnie?
Under the Obama's presidency the U.S. economy has become more stagnant, more regulatory and has grew more slowly since just after the end of World War II averaging less than 1.3 percent per year. The records shows that Obama is ranking dead last among all presidents for economic policies since 1932. After WWII under a Republican President in Dwight David Eisenhower did our economy rebound and yes there was a slight and very sharp recession from 1945 to 1946 at wars end due to our countries resources being stretched to the limit. If you check the facts OMB you will find that under most every Republican President there is sound economic growth. NO other president since the Great Depression has presided over such a steadily poor rate of economic growth while in office as in Obama and you can't blame Bush for this economy, it is Obama's and Obama's alone! What do you expect out of someone who has never held a real job and is and always has been nothing less than a community organizer. It is Obama's failed leadership, foreign and domestic economic policies that has kept this nation in such strangulation/stagnation.
An economy usually grows rapidly in the years immediately following a recession but NOT under the Obama administration as Peter Ferrera points out in an article in Forbes a while back. The U.S. economy has not even reached its long run average rate of growth of 3.3 percent under this and I gasp, president. The highest annual growth rate since Obama took office was suggested at one time as being a possible 2.8 percent and again and that was revised and most questionable given the collapse of GM & Chrysler and Obama providing help only bumping up there retirement funding and calling it a bail out. This Nation has gone backwards under his leadership and the total household income has gone down dramatically. For those liberals with no common sense which is all of them, this slow growth of which they don't seem to think is a problem comes as no surprise to me given the mentality and the policies this administration has pursued and I might add that the U.S. trade deficit under Obama for the month of June has jumped 8.7%, a 10-month high of $44.5 billion, reflecting the higher cost of oil and more imports of consumer goods such as cellphones and drugs. If you elect Clinton you can expect more of the same.
As one who plays the market and relies on the market as do most Americans in their retirement investments and this particular retiree one of millions watching Obama's failed economic policies fearing for their portfolio's from the get go knowing his socialist liberal economic agenda. Here is an FYI, the real truth under Obama, the average and sometimes less total growth in real GDP of economic recovery since he took office has been 10.2 percent while the national debt ceiling has climbed to a staggering 18 trillion and we are closing the gap on 19 trillion. The GDP growth over the same length of time during previous post-World War II recoveries has ranged from 15.1 percent and during George W. Bush's presidency to 30 percent and during the recovery that began when John F. Kennedy was elected though a Democrat, the last of the real Democrats I might add. Kennedy's fiscal and financial economic policies were that of a Republican President as he governed as a Republican and his numbers were around the same as GWB's.
One needs to fear a Clinton administration as it would be an extension of Obama's failed policies. Does anyone watch HGTV where millennials make the comment they are redefining what success is in “Working less and enjoying life more.” Remember JFK's speech: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Well the modern day progressive socialist liberal Democrats and millennials and the likes of McKechnie have taken Kennedy's philosophy and have flushed it down proverbial toilet! All these fact and so more can be found in Office of Management and Budget. In case you haven't noticed, Obama has systematically
reduced this nation to a third world country. My continued support and recommendation is TRUMP for the White House, Clinton for the jail house, Sander's for the nut house!
Michael H. Welbourn, Loyalton/Reno

Submitted: 08/11/16
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