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Letters to the Editor

Subject: Poor Governance
Editors and People in Charge
I may be the only non grower, non medical marijuana patient, and seldom user of the herb, that regularly speaks out about the injustices foisted upon the People of Sierra County, but every individual property owner - user or not, should be leery of what our Supervisors - specifically Adams and Roen, are proposing.
Forget for a moment that there are a considerable number of "Med Can" patients, wishing to grow their own medicine, that aren't wealthy enough to own two or more residential acres in our County, or willing to sign up for regular Sheriffs searches. Instead, focus on the fact that these Supervisors want to tell you what you can do on your own property, and in your own home! And that your rights of privacy and property are given up to their whim, and that of a variety of County offices! Can you honestly say this doesn't verge on becoming a "police state"?
Quibble if you want about the legality (or not) of "commercial grows", but to step on the rights and privacy of all of the tax paying homeowners in Sierra County, in legally acceptable properties, I am disgusted by that poor governance!
Russell Rosewood

Republicans. Get a grip! You don't have to be afraid. It is not as bad as the Donald says it is. Remember George Bush kept you fearful for 8 years and look where that got us. White men are still in control… only they are not you. They are the .01% that have been stealing from working people and small business since Ronald Reagan. They are the guys that are writing the tax laws, copyright and patent laws, telecom laws, pharma, and insurance laws. And then they confuse you by telling you President Obama is going to take away your Christmas, guns, and freedom. You have got to be brave and read a book or something. Inform yourself. We are losing our Democracy to the global corporations, not Mexicans, Muslims, or black people.
Don McKechnie, Sierraville, CA

Submitted: 07/28/16
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