Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
This editorial recognizes the parallels between the Brits' vote for independence from the European Union and the Jefferson movement.
Brits, like Jefferson supporters, feel they have been over-regulated, underemployed, have lost many of their economic freedoms and do not have a voice in their own government. It has also been widely reported that the Brits want to re-establish their sovereign borders as opposed to the immigration and open border policies dictated by Brussels and those leaders and countries of the E.U.
The Brits made it clear they were tired of the bureaucracy and over-regulation by the E.U. The complaints are the same for those in the 21 Jefferson counties, who have been hardest hit by the burgeoning big government in Sacramento, with its 570 state agencies and departments that continue to grow. A crippling minimum wage law and ever increasing gun and ammunition restrictions add fuel to the fire.
As with the Brits, Jefferson supporters are told by the media and others that those in power in California will never "let you go." In Britain's case, the media, pollsters and political pundits got it all wrong. And just like the Brits, Jeffersonians continue to persevere. The doomsayers also have it wrong, underestimating the motivation, dedication and stamina exhibited by rural citizens.
All the aforementioned explains why the effort for the 51st state continues to gain momentum and recognition across the globe. In fact, the day after the vote, a British citizen sent a message to the Jefferson Blog, stating: "If we in Britain can win our independence, so can the people of Jefferson," signed, A Proud Brit.
Isn't it ironic that July 4 marks 240 years since American citizens won their independence from the tyranny of British rule? Now, it is predicted that June
23, 2016, will go down in history as the date that Britain won its independence from the E.U. All that is occurring and being voiced in Britain and much of the U.S. mirrors that of what Jeffersonians have vocalized for the past three years. To reiterate — we are not looking to secede but give birth to a 51st state.
One cannot predict how this will all play out, but I feel the people of Britain and those seeking the 51st state are sending a clear message. We will persevere in our quest for representation, economic freedom and smaller government, therefore empowering the people to put an end to the over-regulation and bureaucracy that exists in the state and federal government and the European Union.
"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty." —
Thomas Jefferson.
The time has come for 51, the State of Jefferson, Thomas Dotta

Corruption at its finest!
FBI Director James B. Comey's statement about past Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's one hundred and ten classified emails conducted on a private server does not come as a surprise. To a liberal Democrat it vindicates one of the most corrupt individuals in politics. FBI Director Comey's comments paraphrased: “I do not find her criminally at fault but extremely careless in the handling of classified information” key word Classified. FBI Director Comey confirmed on Thursday July 7th 2016 that some of Hillary Clinton's statements and explanations about her email server to the House Benghazi Committee last October were not true, as evidenced by the bureau's investigation into whether she mishandled classified information after the top law enforcement officer in the Department of Justice Loretta Lynch said the case was closed.
Had any email with a security classification been sent by a Federal employee on their personal computer or server without government software these employee's would have been defined as having committed treason! Hillary Clinton was an employee of the Federal Government, remember Edward Snowden?
To understand treason one has to understand the security hierarchy and dissemination of classified information and its contents and these classifications are on a need to know basis. There are three levels of security clearances within the Federal Government
and National Security Information Program, hereinafter known as "classified information" shall be classified at one of the following three levels: (1) "Top Secret" is applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security. (2) "Secret" applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security. (3) "Confidential" applied to information, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security. These levels of clearances allows key personnel to have access to and distribute certain types of communication, restricted data/information that you the general public would never know of unless leaked as in Edward Snowden's case.
When an employee is hired by the Federal Government into a sensitive position, he/she and knowingly will be handling classified information undergoes thorough background checks and indoctrination. When a Federal employee retires or resigns if having one of these security clearances upon leaving undergoes a debriefing and on some occasion signs a non-discloser statement in that he/she may have come in contact with those security classifications in the performance of their duty in that they will not discuss this information as that would be treason if it fell into anyone hands especially the wrong hands. A Federal employee who has access to computers are required to undergo yearly online training courses on so many different levels dealing with security and have a thorough working knowledge in what you can and cannot do with general daily information including your job, job description, duties, sensitive information, security clearance level or what takes place where you work up to and including the building or area in which you work including the landscape or what is at that facility and what it does but yet Hillary Clinton got away with it.
When it comes to fraud and related activity in connection with computers for government services or use, the laws are very specific/clear and detailed on so many different levels as set forth by congress/laws and procedures but yet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a private server and now gets a free ride from this corrupted Department of Justice under this corrupt administration and what appears to have been an intimidated FBI Director to have come to such a conclusion, the American people are not stupid. If these very severe rules, procedures, regulations/laws and classes apply to the Federal Employee and military personnel in key security clearance levels then they certainly would apply to the Secretary of State on so many different levels of security issues especially those one hundred and ten emails being on private server and the knowledge she would have been privy to in national security issues either unauthorized or authorized.
Never in history of this Nation have we seen such tyranny and corruption against the American people since the American Revolution 1765 to 1783, Bill Clinton's presidency and that of Obama's and of you're freedom and civil liberties being under attack and will remain so under another Clinton presidency. This administration and that of the Clinton era have been attacking your Constitutional rights as long as they have been engaged in politics. This current administration is doing everything in its power to skirt the law, especially the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and imposing his will, his agenda, his socialist/communist views/policies/morality and corruption upon the American people and if this is not enough for you in these most recent soon to be eight years of treasonous acts/corruption and actions yet again you just wit- nessed another of his corrupt Justice Department action, then there is no more to be said, you get what you elected and deserve.
The American people have spoken, an outsider has upset the political apple cart of the liberal media, Republicans, Rhino's, Democrats, Independents and Liberals as the American people have made their voice very clear “We want America back and we want a truthful government.” Ask this of yourself about Trump, we know what we have now, we know what we have had in the past, you may or may not like Trump, he may be a lot of things to some, but what he is NOT is a lying, socialist/communist, cheating, disrespectful, incompetent, unethical, degenerative, morally corrupt career politician as in Obama or Hillary Clinton. Just because this corrupt Justice Department and administration said it was over, it is not, EVERTHING this administration has said or done has been a lie, you have the power of the ballot box and the American people and this Nation deserve better and cannot afford another four or eight years of another Clinton and definitely NOT another Barrack Obama or anyone like him.
In God we trust and pray Donald Trump takes the oath of office, I firmly believe the following words will come to mean something again and he will take the steps of many steps to restore the damage caused by this administration and turn this bankrupt Nation of ours around: I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” “Trump for the White House, Hillary for the jail house, Sanders for the nut house, enough said!
Michael H. Welbourn

Dear Jan,
I wanted to publically thank Henry Ortega of Loyalton, CA for doing the “Right Thing”! in the early hours of July 11, 2016. Mr. Ortega visited the Plumas Bank ATM location, before leaving for work. Hanging out of the ATM machine was my rent check, which my landlord was trying to deposit

Submitted: 07/14/16
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