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Letters to the Editor

6/16/16 Letters

Dear editor:
We have two choices for president. Trump or Hillary. Live with it. Last election conservatives who disliked Romney, elected Obama
for a second term.
Please don't do that again. I am hearing anti-Trump sentiment. Well--here is your choice again. If you go against Trump, you
will be responsible for electing Hillary and continue on with Obama's ideas for an America without Christian values. We have
chased God out of our schools and government. Please think about the consequence of your Trump bashing.

We the people are fed up with the lies and deceit of the greedy politicians who think more of themselves than the people they
represent. They are a group of self-righteous individuals who capitalize on every opportunity to benefit themselves. Our voice is
being heard loud and clear. Politicians, you will mistreat us no more. We will elect a person who is not a politician and cannot be
bought. One who is on a mission to take this country back and restore the greatness that it once had. We will elect a one
Donald J. Trump. And so it shall be.
George Devine
Kokomo, Indiana

Dear Editor;
I had the opportunity to be in Court in support of a local lifelong acquaintance and family member of one of the families that
created the foundation of Loyalton. I am not the expert on others personal challenges, but I feel all should be supportive when
one reaches a point that they chose to leave the past behind and decide to be a productive community member and start a new
life with a new family.
For health reasons that are documented this person did not complete some community service time, this violated his order. He
had three options for the Judge to consider 1, pay a fine, 2, do the community service, or 3, jail time. The judge asked what
would work, the person offered to pay the fine, Probation said they could find him work that would fit his new medical condition
and Larry Allen, the District Attorney said he should do the jail time because if the money was paid it would just be his aunt
buying him out of trouble.
Now how can Larry fortune tell that it would be his aunt's money and the person would not suffer and learn from paying the
money? Larry Allen works for the taxpayer and is elected by the people, Larry in 2014 earned $159,565.79 in pay and benefits, I
am sure he cannot relate to those that are struggling to live, the pain it is to pay fines, instead of receiving money in, he wants to
cost the taxpayers more and hurt more family members that have had more suffering than most can imagine. Larry needs to
apologize to the Aunt and start looking at compassion for those he serves. There have been incidents that Mr. Allen wanted
compassion for himself instead of consequences.
I thank Judge Ervin for his very fair and professional approach; he maintained an open mind and felt the community could best
be served by having community service preformed. I wish to thank Judge Ervin for his abilities and his willingness to be our judge
to bring a measured justice to Sierra County for the people.
Tom Dotta

Submitted: 06/19/16
Article By: Sierra Booster