Letters to the Editor

State Fair Help Needed!

Dear Citizens of Sierra County,
It is hard to believe, but summer is fast approaching which means the California State Fair in Sacramento will soon be upon us.
Sierra County has participated consistently for the past 6 years and we would like to continue this endeavor, but we cannot do it alone. We need individuals/volunteers to help with design, planning, building and staffing the exhibit for 2016. A planning meeting is scheduled for Sunday, April 10th at 2pm at the Sierra City Community Hall. I hope you can attend and please bring your enthusiasm, ideas and energy.
The State Fair dates are July 8th through July 24th and the theme this year is “California Delivers.” There is a County Exhibits Meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 21st at 1:30 pm at Cal Expo. We will be told at that time where our exhibit will be located in the hall and it would be great if an individual(s) would be able to attend with me to look at the space, take measurements and start planning and designing the exhibit. We can start building on June 15th and we have until July 6th to complete the exhibit before judging begins.
Please contact me to let me know you will be attending this meeting. If you are unable to attend the meet ing on April 10th and you have some ideas or you know you will be able to help in some capacity when we get started, please let me know. I can be reached at 862-1173 or my email, maryervinlaw@gmail.com
I look forward to seeing you on April 10th and let’s get going and win that Golden Bear this year!
Mary Ervin, Sierra City

Submitted: 04/07/16
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