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State of Jefferson movement

Dear Jan -
In response to Peter Huebner's letter to the editor in he last edition, I would like to point out to the folks of Sierra County that although over 1/3 of the county citizens signed a statement of support to join the State of Jefferson movement, three of the County Supervisors voted AGAINST the State of Jeftferson.
These Supervisors are Lee Adams, Peter Huebner, and Paul Roen. Mr. Roen could not give a reason why he was voting against the State of Jefferson; he appears to just have followed along with the other two.
For those of us who signed the State of Jefferson support statement, these three supervisors blatantly ignored our voices. Many of us volunteered countless hours to collect those signatures. Think about how difficult it is to get 1/3 of the county population to agree on anything! These signatures are from around the county, from all Districts.
If you look at the voting record of Paul Roen, the majority of his votes are with Lee Adams and Peter Huebner making Paul Roen look to me like a Democrat in Republican clothing, so it is no wonder that Lee Adams and Peter Huebner have both endorsed Paul Roen for a second term.
The State of Jefferson is all about representation. These three supervisors have proven that they DO NOT think the citizens of Sierra County have the brains to govern ourselves and we must be told what to do. THESE SUPERVISORS ARE OUR EMPLOYEES! Since when do they get to tell us how to think and what to do? They should be following us, following what we as citizens of this county want. It is obvious these three supervisors are not representing their constituents.
If you as a citizen would like to change this, please vote for people who support the State of Jefferson. Whether the State of Jefferson becomes a reality or not, these folks who are taking the time to run for an elected office believe in representation and will do what is right for us, the citizens, rather than doing what is best for themselves.
The following folks will truly represent us and what our voices tell them:
Vote for Ormond Crowder for Sierra County Supervisor, District 3. Vote for Steve Baird, California Senate District 1. Vote for Joe Montes for Congress.
If we can change our leadership, we can change our future! Vote for those who support us!
Julie Osburn
Sierra County Resident


Submitted: 04/07/16
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