Letters to the Editor

In the 16th century a guy named Giordano Bruno was cremated while alive by conservatives. Ouch! His beliefs conflicted with the powers that be, the Catholic Church. He actually believed that the earth traveled around the sun (it does) and that the stars were other suns (they are). The church did not like that. Another guy named Galileo got in trouble for the same thing but the low information folks did not cook him. Now there is no problem if humans believe the sun goes around the earth. It’s is just anti-science. But there is a problem with denial of climate change. If humans do not start to seriously reduce coal and oil burning the earth will not be habitable for vertebrates (that’s us) or low information folks, also called climate deniers. Deniers seem to be seriously opposed to family values because we will all be cooking.
Don McKechnie

Submitted: 02/12/16
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