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Dare I Say
It’s Time to Begin
Putting America First

Plenty of controversy these days regarding whether or not the US should accept refugees from Syria.
US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have advised they lack, in many cases, the information necessary to properly vet each refugee.
Hidden among them may very well be terrorists aligned with ISIS, intent upon doing serious harm to American citizens.
So, what is the best course of action you ask?
Consider this.
You have in your possession a bunch of 100 delicious grapes. Two grapes are deadly if eaten. Do you take a chance and feed the grapes to your family, hoping you can avoid the two deadly grapes? Or, do you reject the entire bunch?
Dare I Say, it’s time to begin putting America (and all her families) first.
Pete Stiglich

Turn off your brain, get hysterical, and wet your pants. The President may allow Syrian refugees into our country to pursue happiness. That is what America does. Republicans; do not be afraid. Remember your last freak out… we were all going to die of Ebola. Wrong again. We have done this before when we relocated over 100,000 Japanese. Most of these people were American citizens and some of their children became the most highly decorated regiment in WWII. Conservatives were wrong again. Remember Timothy McVeigh, born and bred right here in the US and the guy that shot 9 Black Americans in their church? You might want to be afraid of those people and not Syrian women and children fleeing terrorism themselves.
Don McKechnie

Dear Mrs. Buck,
I wonder if you might encourage your readers to have a Shingles vaccination. Even though Ben did have a Shingles shot and still developed Shingles, apparently the vaccination does have a high effective rate 96-98%, so I was told. Ben was just one of the un-lucky ones. It is a terrible disease and everyone should be protected against it.
I enjoyed your piece and pictures of historic spots in Loyalton. My grandfather, Herbert Huntley started the original grocery store in the “Brick Store,” when it was built. After his death, my uncle Ernest (Bun) Huntley ran the store until 1943 when he closed the store to join my father, Hubert Huntley in operating the Huntley Ranch in the Valley.
I also wanted to commend whoever was responsible for cleaning the cemetery before Memorial Day this year. I had never seen it look so neat and clean. Thank you.
Carol Wolff

With all due respect to Ed Nemechek, his letter about the POW/MIA Flag is way off base. I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran, a life member of the Khe Shan Survivors Organization and ride with the Patriot Guard Riders of Northern California & Nevada. All of us
Riders wear on our vests the POW/MIA patch and we display the flag on our motorcycles or at our homes or both. We do this for one reason, as it says on the flag & patch, "You Are Not Forgotten". As long as we wear or display this symbol, the public will always be shown that we have not forgotten our POW & MIA brothers & sisters. We are not political, just proud Veterans that will always keep this issue to the fore front and displaying this patch or flag is how we do it! Join us at the Northern Nevada Veterans Cemetery in Fernley on the fourth Thursday of every month for a memorial service for Veterans that have passed away without friends and family to pay their last respects to them. Along with the Northern Nevada Veterans Coalition, we help give them their due with full military honors, remembering them as forgotten Heroes. We bury 6-16 Veterans every month.
Bryan DeVoe
Truckee, California

Submitted: 11/24/15
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