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Letters to the Editor

Old Timers Remember

Old timers can remember when Sierra County funded its schools and roads with the Timber Tax. The state of California has slowly eroded away the very livelihood we once enjoyed. Overbearing regulations forced Sierra Pacific to close our Lumber Mill and not long after that the Co-Gen plant. When the major employer left so did most all of the hard working families that once supported our communities. California law makers have beaten down the North State and have taken away our very means of earning a living. All in the effort to make us reliant on the government. Businesses are closing up shop and moving out of California due to the unfriendly business climate. The California legislature is writing new laws faster than the RCRC can correct them. Ask a local rancher how the new watermaster assessments are going. The illegal fire tax that we are forced to pay is redistributed through Cal Fire to fund numerous City parks. How much Federal funding does California receive? That same funding is available to the other 49 States and thus would be available to the state of Jefferson. Imagine the cost savings if that funding went to its intended purpose and not have to pass through the Sacramento Bureaucracy Filter. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife is buying up land using our tax dollars, restricting traditional access, removing land from our county tax rolls, and not paying
the property taxes due.
So called Conservation groups are purchasing land with our tax dollars and locking the gates and denying traditional public access. When a person moves out of state doesn't their cal-pers retirement they earned go with them.
Keep it California is engaging in scare tactics to push thru their agenda. The State of Jefferson has a plan to return equal representation to the people.
Funny how a little State has the same amount of Senators at the Federal level as does a large State.
This form of representation served us well until Reynolds vrs Sims destroyed our rural representation. We now have 6 representatives in the North vs 114 representatives in the South.
Sacramento can and does ram through any legislation it wants and we have little or no say in it.
It's time to stop this injustice and take back control of the issues that are important to us.
Please sign the "Support Statement For Declaration To Withdraw Sierra County From The State Of California". The time has come for 51.
Andy White

Submitted: 10/09/15
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